Unauthorized Neutering

////Unauthorized Neutering


My girlfriend's dog was taken to the pound after she was assualted in my apartment. She is from NY and they neutered her dog without consent, even though we showed all paperwork to the Officer and they said they wouldn't. He is an expensive dog and was planned on being bred. What can we do legally?


There are many laws pertaining to what a landlord can and cannot do but landlords generally have a considerable amount of discretion when it comes to lease provisions and rules, subject to applicable laws. For example, there are laws that limit rent increases and prohibit discrimination. Leases contain many provisions which require tenants to do or not do certain things. Unfortunately, many leases prohibit or restrict the keeping of pets (such as weight restrictions for dogs). Some leases require use of designated elevators and leashes to be used in common areas. In any event, spaying and neutering not only help to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats but also provide health benefits.

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