Want to know if this is a scam.

////Want to know if this is a scam.


After paying a person who is supposed to be selling a dog upfront, they keep asking for more money, such as gas money and extra fees. Now they are asking us to fill out a registry paper that requires our name, driver's license, social security number, and address. Is this normal, or is it a scam?


I cannot say if you are being scammed, although there have been several scams throughout the country involving the sale of animals, including animals who never even existed. It is more prudent to pay when getting the animal in person, but you must know that at this point. While shelters, rescues, and some sellers have a screening process so that they can better ensure that the animals they place in new homes will be provided with humane care, it is not common to require social security numbers. Also, the screening process typically takes place before payment. Consider contacting your state’s Attorney General and the police. Perhaps they will do an investigation. People who believe they are owed money (such as for what was paid for an animal who was never provided) can also commence a lawsuit to try to get compensated. Next time, consider adopting!

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