What are my rights as a foster dog owner?

////What are my rights as a foster dog owner?


I currently have a foster dog of 2 years. I filled out paperwork and have a contract. The foster dog was attacked by a dog I had in my house (which was stated on the foster application regarding her aggression prior to placing any dogs in my house) in 2017 a few months into fostering. I followed the contract and took the dog to the ER vet approved by the rescue, which paid out $1,700 for the foster dog's surgery. Throughout the following year, I had to move, and I contacted the rescue with no reply to pick up the dog or move the possible adoptions forward so she could be in a permanent home. After 6 months, the rescue called and wanted the dog to go to a few meet and greets, but none followed through or worked out. I have not been reimbursed for food over the 2 year period, even though it's stated in the contract that they will pay. The dog has only had 1 rabies vaccine in the 2 years and has never seen a vet, except for the one time she was attacked. Recently my apartment asked for vaccines and licenses, in which case I reached out several times via email, Facebook, and phone, and a month passed and I finally got the proof of rabies. Now in the contract it states that the foster is responsible for providing adequate food and vet care which will be paid for by the rescue. After many months of asking for check ups, records, and vaccines so I could kennel the dog (which I was willing to pay for) since the rescue was short fosters, I took the dog to my vet (which is also my FT job) and got her vaccinated. Despite the fact that the rescued paid $1,700 for her surgery due to a fight under my care, and I haven't received any money towards her food for 2 years, the rescue now wants me to pay an adoption fee. I explained the fee of her vet bill should cover the adoption fee. There is a refusal to reimburse the vet fees even though it says they will in the contract I signed) because I didn't take her to an "approved" vet. They are also asking for me to pay an adoption fee as well, so it would total a payout of over $800 for me. Am I responsible for these fees? Even after 2 years of caring for the dog the rescue basically just dumped on me? And if they ask for her back after 2 years of foster care, should I give the dog back? It doesn't seem fair, or in the better interest of the dog. I have no interest in suing anyone, or taking legal action, I just want to know if I should seek a lawyer and what my rights are as a foster.


The rights and responsibilities of a foster “parent” and rescue are generally contained in a foster care agreement. If the agreement is clearly written, the parties should understand their rights and obligations. An attorney can be consulted to review the agreement and advise. People have to make their own determinations regarding whether they want to adopt or return an animal. Adoption fees are commonly charged. While such fees may be waived at the discretion of the rescue, that does not mean the rescue has to waive the fees unless the agreement provides for 'no-fee' adoptions for foster “parents.” People who believe they are owed money can sue to try to get reimbursed. I hope this all works out in the best interests of this dog who should have a loving forever home.

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