What are one’s rights as a secondary dog owner?

////What are one’s rights as a secondary dog owner?


A year ago I got a beautiful bernese mountain dog for me and my family. My girlfriend at the time helped me purchase the dog. I was asked if I wanted my girlfriend to be a secondary owner to the dog, to which her answer was immediately yes. Although I paid for the majority of the dog and signed as the primary owner, does my ex girlfriend have the right to take the dog whenever she likes? She does not have a suitable living area for a dog that large, and she has a long history of abusing and doing things that I didn't like to the dog. I even have a screenshot of a text of her saying that she doesn't want the dog anymore because "she's a terror to him", but then a week later she took back the statement. I don't feel comfortable with him under her care, and I hope I gave enough information to get a clear answer.


Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definitive answer to your question. When animals are shared, it is difficult to predict rights. Ultimately, if the parties cannot agree on a pet custody agreement and a lawsuit is commenced, the court will consider the evidence presented and determine rights. How much weight a given court places on whose name appears on adoption papers, microchip, license, veterinary records, who pays more for the animal's needs, who is the animal’s primary caretaker, what is in the best interests of the animal, etc. depends on the judge as is reflected by the different pet custody decisions in NY.

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