What legal rights do I have as a foster parent?

////What legal rights do I have as a foster parent?


I am currently fostering a young dog, that myself and children have grown attached to. We would like to move forward to adopt him, however the rescue wants the pup to go to a single male, living in a 600 square foot apartment. I live in a house on a half acre fenced in yard. This is a large breed that requires a lot exercise. The dog is afraid of men- even states it in his profile on the rescues website. The rescue is pushing for this man to take him, after I voiced my concerns that he is not a good fit for the dog. What legal rights do I have?


Rights and obligations of rescues and foster “parents” are generally contained in a written foster care agreement so that agreement should be carefully reviewed. These agreements often state that the rescue has the right to decide adoption placement although some foster agreements give foster “parents” first right to adopt. I hope that you and the rescue can resolve this dispute in the best interests of this dog.

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