What paperwork is needed to become legal owner of a dog that was gifted to me?

////What paperwork is needed to become legal owner of a dog that was gifted to me?


What paperwork does one need to submit/file to become owner of a dog that was gifted to me


There is no formal adoption filing process one must follow when given an animal by another individual. However, when ownership of an animal is transferred, ideally there would be a written agreement signed and dated by the parties which includes a description of the animal and provides that the person giving up the animal is the animal’s sole owner and that he/s is relinquishing all ownership rights to the animal. Of course, names of the person relinquishing the animal and the person to whom the animal is being relinquished should be clearly stated in the agreement. Microchip and dog license registration, if any, should also be changed to reflect the change in ownership, as should veterinary records. If there is no microchip or license, the new “parent” should procure them. If such an agreement or registration changes were not executed at the time of the transfer of ownership, they can still be done later so there will be clear evidence of the transaction.

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