What rights do I have against seller who misrepresented dog breed?

////What rights do I have against seller who misrepresented dog breed?


I bought puppy which seller said was a cavapoo (poodle/cavalier mix) but after having it for a few weeks and seeing it mature, the physical appearance looks like a cocker spaniel which is a different breed. I also ordered an embark dog DNA test and the results show it's a cocker spaniel without any poodle or cavalier in it's DNA genetics. I brought this to the sellers attention but they won't take the dog back or give refund. Seller does not have the mother dog nor will provide videos to prove the mother and puppy together. All seller gave as proof was vet puppy examination paper which I told the breeder the vet will put whatever breed you tell them the puppy is, they have no special way to determine the breed either. What remedies do I have legally?


I hope that if you choose not to keep the dog, you find the dog a loving home with a person who is happy with the dog regardless of the dog’s pedigree. Rights and obligations may be contained in the sales agreement so that agreement should be carefully reviewed. People who want to purchase a specific breed should do their homework to better ensure that they are purchasing the animal from a reputable breeder. Better yet, adopt, don’t shop. Complaints about breeders may be made to governmental and other entities, such as the state Attorney General’s Office.

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