Do I have to neuter my puppy even if I signed the contract stating I would?

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Hello, My husband and I got a puppy back in October. Our puppy is 6 months old now, and I am receiving text messages / calls regarding our puppy’s neuter from the adoption company. We now don’t want to neuter him but I signed a contract stating I would. Thing is, we moved to California from Florida due to the military. We purchase him in Alabama. Question is, can I get in any trouble or is there something else I can do than neutering my puppy. Thank you!


Rights of shelters for breaches of an adoption agreement would depend on the terms of the adoption agreement. Some agreements provide that the shelter may reclaim an animal for breaches of the agreement and that the adopter will be responsible for costs and attorneys’ fees the shelter incurs in attempting to enforce the agreement. Alabama law requires shelters to spay/neuter prior to releasing an animal for adoption or have adopters agree in writing to have the animal spay/neutered within 30 days after adoption or 30 days of the animal reaching sexual maturity. The law further states, “Any person failing or refusing to comply shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor…” Also worth noting is that many municipalities in California (and elsewhere) have enacted ordinances which require dogs and cats over the age of four or six months to be spayed or neutered unless the animal’s “parent” has an unaltered animal or breeding permit or a veterinarian certifies that the procedure would jeopardize the animal’s health. Check with your local town/city clerk or attorney for the law in your municipality. I cannot say whether any given shelter will pursue its rights under its adoption agreement or how any given court would decide the case. I can say, however, that spaying and neutering help to control the overpopulation of animals and can provide health benefits to animals. Wouldn’t it be simpler, wiser, and more responsible to comply with your adoption agreement?

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