Charms for a Cause by Silpada

Spoil yourself and your pet with these beautiful sterling silver charms and necklaces from Silpada. Now through the end of February, Silpada will donate 40% of the purchase price from this special collection to support our no-kill mission.

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Adopted dog who ran away.

We are a rescue group who adopted a dog out to people who informed us less than 24 hours later that the dog escaped their fence. They have now stopped payment on their check saying they don't feel that they shouldn't have to pay for said dog. We have a signed adoption contract from them. Is this legal?

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My Friend gave me her dog now she wants him back.

My friend literally gave me her dog I have her old texts which have shown that she did give me the dog and I have witnesses of her saying that he is my dog now she wants him back saying her panic attacks got worse since he's been gone and keeps threatening to call the cops if I don't give him back to her and harassing to come to my property to take the dog I don't know what to do.

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Do I have to neuter my puppy even if I signed the contract stating I would?

Hello, My husband and I got a puppy back in October. Our puppy is 6 months old now, and I am receiving text messages / calls regarding our puppy’s neuter from the adoption company. We now don’t want to neuter him but I signed a contract stating I would. Thing is, we moved to California from Florida due to the military. We purchase him in Alabama. Question is, can I get in any trouble or is there something else I can do than neutering my puppy. Thank you!

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Shelter not giving me my dog.

Long story short, my property was broken into and my dog got out. She was in the general area of my house (just a few blocks away) when she was cornered and attacked by another dog on another property. My dog stood her ground and bit the other dog. Animal control was called and she was taken to the pound. Now they will not return the dog and told me they will hold her for an indefinite time to conduct an investigation. They won’t let me visit her either. What can I do?

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Stolen dog was adopted out by rescue.

Story is the owner ran into hard times and had a “friend” take care of her 4 dogs till she was on her feet to take them back. She was sending the caregiver funds to take care of her dogs. She was then informed by another friend that they saw one of her dogs on a dog rescue site up for adoption. She contacted the rescue and they stated he was already adopted out. They claimed they contacted the owner and waited a month to adopt him out. Also a claim that they contacted the adopter and they declined to give the dog back. What can the original owner do in this situation?

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Lifesaving Gift Arrives Just in Time for Texas Pups

The fate of five puppies scheduled to be euthanized in an overcrowded Texas shelter on Christmas Eve hung in the balance. Fortunately, North Shore Animal League America knows that there are no holidays for animal rescue. Our Mobile Unit was already in the area, working with Paws4Life, to pick up 35 dogs and puppies that had been recently saved from shelters throughout Louisiana and Texas.

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Building a Better Pet Health Centers

At North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers, we strive to provide the highest quality medical care in an environment that is safe and comfortable for our clients, our staff, and most importantly for the animals in our care. That is why we will soon be undergoing a renovation to our Alex and Elisabeth Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center, located at 16 Lewyt Street on our Port Washington, NY campus.

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