Shelter not giving me my dog.

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Long story short, my property was broken into and my dog got out. She was in the general area of my house (just a few blocks away) when she was cornered and attacked by another dog on another property. My dog stood her ground and bit the other dog. Animal control was called and she was taken to the pound. Now they will not return the dog and told me they will hold her for an indefinite time to conduct an investigation. They won’t let me visit her either. What can I do?


I hope that both dogs get the veterinary attention they need and make a full recovery. Minnesota’s dangerous dog law states, in part: “A person claiming an interest in a seized dog may prevent disposition of the dog by posting security in an amount sufficient to provide for the dog’s actual cost of care and keeping. The security must be posted within seven days of the seizure inclusive of the date of the seizure.” People whose dogs have been seized may request a hearing regarding dangerous dog declarations (and prior to such declarations depending on the circumstances). There are also provisions in the law requiring notification to an animal’s “parent” of hearing rights, although I think it is better to be proactive and not wait. I suggest retaining an attorney who can intervene and perhaps speed the process and prevent harm. Local laws should be checked out too. Time is of the essence.

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