Stolen dog was adopted out by rescue.

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Story is the owner ran into hard times and had a “friend” take care of her 4 dogs till she was on her feet to take them back. She was sending the caregiver funds to take care of her dogs. She was then informed by another friend that they saw one of her dogs on a dog rescue site up for adoption. She contacted the rescue and they stated he was already adopted out. They claimed they contacted the owner and waited a month to adopt him out. Also a claim that they contacted the adopter and they declined to give the dog back. What can the original owner do in this situation?


I am so sorry to hear about these dogs. People who believe that their animals were abandoned should contact the police, sheriff, animal control, and local humane societies and SPCAs (societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals). People who believe their animals were wrongfully surrendered should contact local shelters and rescues to try to locate their animals. Hanging flyers near where the animals may have gone missing and posting lost reports on social media may also be helpful. A civil lawsuit for the return of the animals may be commenced but after animals are rehomed these cases get very complicated, in part because the shelter/rescue no longer has the animals to return and courts have been very reluctant to order the release of adopters’ contact information. A lawsuit against the "caregiver" may also be commenced to try to recoup the money provided for the care of the dogs. Sometimes during the course of a lawsuit more information can be uncovered, including what happened to the animals. I suggest attorney representation.

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