A New Beginning for Help Me Heal Pets

///A New Beginning for Help Me Heal Pets
A New Beginning for Help Me Heal Pets2018-03-01T10:42:27-04:00

At North Shore Animal League America we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for homeless animals in need of saving. No dog, cat, puppy, or kitten is ever too sick, too severely injured, or too difficult a case, especially for those fortunate enough to be enrolled in our one-of-a-kind Help Me Heal Program.

Each year, homeless pets from all over the world come to us with urgent medical needs ranging from broken bones, skin burns or infections necessitating critical care, to other orthopedic or medical issues requiring surgical intervention. Others come to us with deep emotional scars due to neglect and mistreatment. Thanks to this lifesaving program, most of these animals leave here in the arms of responsible, loving adopters who spoil them for the rest of their lives.

This past year we met nine animals, who if not for the support of the Help Me Heal Program, would have had nowhere else to turn. Max, Chase, Gladys, Yogurt, Auton, Linguini, Delilah, Alex, and Creamsicle, all have you to thank for their resilient transitions from down and out animals with no homes and no families, to happy, healthy Animal League America Mutt-i-grees®. Because of your overwhelming support to our no-kill mission, each one of these precious animals are already experiencing much brighter days in 2018. Take a look for yourself!

Almost a year after he arrived at our campus with a severely fractured hind leg, Chase is fully healed and loving life in his new home. Initially he spent time recovering at our medical center where he was spoiled rotten by the staff. He would then move on to the home of one of the people who cared for him during much of his stay – licensed veterinary technician Deana Merino. She decided to foster the big Shepherd/Boxer mix after developing an affinity for his sweet personality and big heart. Slowly but surely she grew more attached and her foster project quickly became the family pet.

“He just grew on all of us so quickly. Honestly, I was so invested in him since I first met him in the medical center that I pretty much knew he’d be a failed foster,” Deana said with a laugh. “He’s just such a smart, kind, and loving dog – a great family dog. We couldn’t ask for anything more. He’s the perfect fit.”

This comes as no surprise, but this little guy was a fan favorite among our supporters. Just look at that face! How could you not fall love with him? Not only was Yogurt a hit around our medical center during his time at our Port Washington, N.Y. campus, but he continued to steal the hearts of unsuspecting humans after being placed in our Foster Care Program under the watchful eyes of foster parents Meghan and Annia.

With their support, Yogurt continued physical therapy and received plenty of TLC, drastically improving his mobility and blossoming into a strong, healthy dog. Even with such a busy schedule, this little survivor even found the time to make friends with many humans and animals during his regular strolls around New York City’s Central Park. Just a few months ago, his foster parents checked in with great news. Not only was Yogurt cruising around town as if he was never injured, stopping only when it’s time to eat or lounge on the couch, but he’s been officially adopted into their family! This remarkable transformation would never have been possible without the generous support of our Help Me Heal Program.

Max underwent multiple surgeries at the Animal Medical Center in New York City to repair cruciate ligaments in both hind legs and spent months rehabilitating from his injuries while also working with our Pet Behavior Team on a variety of life skills. After some time, Max was enrolled in our Foster Care Program where he spent time in the home of one our behavior trainers, learning in-home skills that would make his transition that much smoother when his adoption day came.

On July 21 that day came for Max! He stole the hearts of Kaitlyn and Justin, a couple in search of the perfect four-legged friend to add to their family. Since that fateful day, Max not only has grown stronger physically, but has done very well adapting to his new life in a responsible, loving home. With a strong foundation provided by his new parents and plenty of support from the medical staff and behavioral team here at Animal League America, the sky is the limit for Max. Thanks to our Help Me Heal Program and everyone who supports it, this resilient young dog will have the opportunity to enjoy his best life!

Earlier this year, after a few months in the care of our nurturing veterinary staff, Gladys went to live in the foster home of Deana Monaco for some much needed socialization. We are happy to report that this adorable little golden girl wrapped her foster mom around her little paws – so much so that she was officially adopted in early June!

“She’s wonderful!” Deana said. “She is very comfortable here and loves going out for walks. She is a pleasure. I love her so much already!”

Gladys has become such a social butterfly that she even has her own Instagram account, @miss_oneeyed_gladys. She may be a senior, but this little lady is truly young at heart thanks to the overwhelming support she received as a member of our Help Me Heal Program. So many other sick and injured animals, with nowhere else to turn, will receive the same type of unconditional support because of people like you!

Auton, or Morty as he’s now known, has fit right in with his new family since being adopted by his new mom Katlyn! Thanks to the skilled veterinary team in our medical center, he’s completely recovered from his pneumonia and enjoying life in his new home. He’s loves playing with all of his toys, especially the ones he recently got in his Christmas stocking! Not only did he get spoiled with toys during his first holiday in his new home, he received plenty of treats to get him through the winter. His mom said he fits in perfectly with the rest of his canine siblings even though he’s the smallest.

“He just loves everyone and every animal really,” Katlyn said. “He’s always looking for a new face to lick or a new person or dog to play with. He’s just happy go lucky all the time.”

A big thank you to everyone who supported his journey through our Help Me Heal Program for allowing him to live his best life! Because of you, this lucky pup is happy, healthy, and has all the love he’ll ever need! 

Linguini recovered nicely from multiple surgeries on his face and mouth in the care of trusted Animal League America foster parent Deana Merino, who also happened to foster and eventually adopt Chase. The spunky pup lived in the home with Deana, a licensed veterinary technician, her husband, and their three other pets for about six months, bringing a spirt and energy to the house that certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

Once he was deemed fit for adoption by our medical team, Linguini was quickly scooped up by Christine McGrath, a close friend of Deana’s and the proud pet parent of another adorable Chihuahua mix. Since Linguini grew so accustom to living alongside other animals, it was only fitting that he was adopted into a home that comes equipped with a canine companion. When the two dogs met in the family waiting room inside our Adoption Center, it was as if they had been best friends forever! They ran around, wrestled, and played, only stopping to sniff around and inspect the rest of the room.

Thanks to your support, Linguini’s journey through our Help Me Heal Program was capped off with a fairy tale ending.

There’s no question that this international rescue from Puerto Rico didn’t have an easy life before being transported to the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. As a senior, battling so many debilitating ailments, all we wanted was to help this golden girl heal and set her up in a loving home with a family who cherishes her. It has been a long road, but we are happy to report that we are well on our way to seeing our dreams become reality.

After recovering from the procedure to remove the surgical pin that was discovered to be poking through the skin of her surgically repaired leg, our doctors were comfortable transferring her into a home environment. She was placed into our Foster Care Program under the care of foster mom, Paula Cardoso, who is making sure Delilah has everything she needs to make a full recovery. Foster Care Manager Melissa Meade said Delilah seems happy and rejuvenated in her new surroundings, but she still has a few more hurdles to clear before she can be adopted.

“She is doing great in the foster home and walking fine post-orthopedic surgery at this point,” said Melissa. “She just had her 60-day Immiticide injection to treat her heartworm. Doctor Verdino said the next step after she is cleared of the heartworms would be to treat her mouth/palate issues. Because she had so many issues when she arrived, there is a lot we have to do in order get her completely back on her feet, but we won’t stop until we succeed.”

Creamsicle’s journey in our Help Me Heal Program began when she was found scrounging for food outside of a dumpster in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Warren County, N.Y. Suffering from multiple fractures in her left hind limb, a nearly severed tail, and deep lacerations on her body, road rash presumably as a result of being hit by a car, this resilient 7-month-old kitten was in dire need of extensive medical attention. Thankfully Animal League America and our Help Me Heal Program was there to turn this little kitten’s life around.

We are happy to report that Creamsicle’s leg apparatus was removed in early January and she is well on her way to making a full recovery! Debbie Oligny, the Director of our Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center, who has played a vital role in rescuing and caring for the ailing kitten, said Creamsicle is ready to find a loving, responsible home!

“After the external fixator was removed, the doctors recommended that she stays on cage rest for about a week,” she said. “Creamsicle has been through so much during her young life. To watch her prevail and overcome so much is gratifying beyond words. I can’t wait for her to write the next chapter of her life.”

From death’s doorstep to a cat on the mend. Alex’s story of tragedy turned into one of resiliency as his condition steadily improved in the care of the compassionate team inside our medical center. He is now enrolled in our Foster Care Program where he is being cared for by trusted foster parent, Nadine Bernstein. Alex’s injuries are slowly healing thanks to the emergency medical attention he received as a member of our Help Me Heal Program.

“Alex is doing very well in the foster home. His family said that he is eating on his own and seems very happy to just be able to walk around on his own again,” said Diane Johnson, Animal League America Vice President of Medical Services. “They tell me that he loves to cuddle with them, which I can believe because I saw it firsthand when he was here for one of his checkups. Some of the staff members, including myself, got a chance to hold him and spend some time with him. It was a special moment considering the condition he was in when he first arrived.”

The progress of all nine of these animals is not only a testament to our Help Me Heal Program, but to the power of the generous donors who support it. This vital program makes it possible for sick and injured animals to get the urgent care and compassion they need to become the happy, healthy companion animals they were always meant to be. It’s only through your support that the Help Me Heal Program continues to save the lives of homeless dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens who would have no other options but to suffer and ultimately succumb in solitude. Please donate today!