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Animal League America partners with other animal welfare groups to conduct Puppy Mills Rescues — rescues that pull animals out of the cruel and inhumane conditions of commercial breeding facilities in various parts of the country— often rescuing these animals from imminent destruction.

What’s So Cruel About Puppy Mills?

As we walk by the window of the pet shop in town, all we see are the cute little puppies. What we don’t see are the large, inhumane breeding operations that supply so many pet stores across the U.S. Breeding operations put profit over animal welfare, imprisoning female dogs to breed litter after litter, without proper medical care or human contact.

The conditions in many of these mills are indescribably cruel — many of the puppy mill dogs we rescue have never been cared for, have never been outside a cage, have never been held or felt grass under their feet.  All they know are the close, cramped cages that confine them day after day, year after year.

These breeding mother dogs may suffer from genetic problems or chronic medical neglect, arriving at our facility with health problems that our team of veterinarians and behaviorists assess and treat.

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