Fifty-Seven Canines Lifted Out of Cruelty and Into Our Caring Hands

///Fifty-Seven Canines Lifted Out of Cruelty and Into Our Caring Hands

In partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, the Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit traveled to the Midwest to save 57 small breed dogs and puppies who had been living in deplorable conditions. The commercial breeding facility that had been their home was being shut down by government authorities. The long and exhausting trip took several days, but our transport made it to Missouri, where we picked up the animals for their journey to safety.

Our Rescue Team made sure that the transformation for these dogs and puppies began immediately. “The best thing for me is that I get to see where they start, and then see where they go,” Ted Moriates, Animal League America Rescue Team Leader, explained. “A lot of these animals are getting their very first gentle touches with us, and soon will be getting their happily-ever-after.” Ted cuddled one of the new arrivals as he spoke, who continually licked his face, as if in thanks. At only eight weeks old, the adorable, black Schnauzer puppy was missing the paw on her left hind leg, which had been crudely removed.

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This physical condition surely would have meant a death sentence for her, had we not come to the rescue. “It is incredibly heartbreaking to think this sweet puppy would have been euthanized,” Ted noted. “Sadly, some commercial breeders kill animals who they can’t sell or who can no longer have litters.” At North Shore Animal League America, we don’t give up on animals with physical challenges, and are committed to finding them loving families who appreciate their unique qualities.

The tiny pup with the missing paw, now named Zag, is no longer missing love and affection. She was gently carried off the Mobile Unit, along with the rest of her littermates and a stunning array of puppies and dogs that included Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, and many others. The next stop for them will be thorough medical checkups, grooming, and behavioral evaluations. We are also going to keep a special watch over Zag as she grows, and we will determine if her leg requires further intervention. What is certain is that all our puppy mill rescues have safety and nurturing ahead, and with your support, our humane relocation program will continue to expand its lifesaving efforts.

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