Partnering in a Big Way to Save the Lives of 100 Neglected Mill Dogs

///Partnering in a Big Way to Save the Lives of 100 Neglected Mill Dogs

More than 100 mostly small breed dogs and puppies arrived on our Port Washington, NY campus with our Rescue Team on two Mobile Rescue Units, filled to capacity, this past weekend. They were rescued from awful conditions in Missouri and Oklahoma through a large-scale collaborative effort with National Mill Dog Rescue and five local animal welfare organizations.

Among the dogs saved from horrific mill conditions are Shih Tzu, Maltese, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, and Labradoodle. It had been a long journey to safety. As staff and volunteers unloaded the dogs, the neglect they had suffered was apparent. Some had severely matted coats, runny noses, infected eyes, and many were too scared to walk and had to be carried into the rescue building.

  • National Mill Rescue Female Chihuahua
  • National Mill Rescue two Beagles being held
  • National Mill Rescue puppy being held

“We’ve had a special long standing partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue so it was only natural that we collaborated on this incredible lifesaving rescue,” said Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Admissions and Rescue Operations.  “All of this wouldn’t have been possible without our local partner organizations that opened their doors, 100 lives saved because we all came together to make it happen.”

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Approximately half of the rescued dogs have been transferred to local rescue partners that Animal League America has collaborated with before — Long Island Bulldog Rescue, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Jake’s Rescue Ranch, Louie’s Legacy, and Kent Animal Shelter — who will ensure that they find safe and loving homes.

“This was a large scale rescue operation.  Altogether, 160 dogs were saved from puppy mills — 102 came back to Animal League America with us,” stated Karla Agostinello, Rescue Manager.  “We brought back a female Labradoodle from Oklahoma. She has an oral mass the size of a tangerine coming out of her gum — it’ll have to be tested immediately.  We know that we have the medical expertise through our Pet Health Centers to help her.”

  • National Mill Rescue three chihuahuas
  • National Mill Rescue Dachshunds being taken off mobile adoption unit

The dogs that are remaining at Animal League America have been settling in and getting comfortable in their new surroundings. Then they will be groomed, if needed, and thoroughly examined by the veterinary staff. Lastly, they will receive evaluations by our Pet Behavior staff to ensure that each dog is matched to a home that is right for him or her.

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