Life Begins Again for Dogs Rescued From Commercial Breeders

///Life Begins Again for Dogs Rescued From Commercial Breeders

Finally safe and sound, a striking array of dogs and puppies descended the steps of the Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit on Sunday, November 14, 2021, into the welcoming arms of our volunteers. In all, 48 incredible animals – no longer unwanted – arrived to have their lives transformed.

Conducted in partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, these precious pups were saved from commercial breeders throughout the Midwest. Many of these animals were used for breeding purposes in order to mass produce in-demand puppies. Some became too old or no longer viable for breeding, or were deemed past their ‘sell-by date.’ They lived their lives in small cages and deplorable conditions. Now however, these inspiring animals have amazing futures in front of them.

This was our second collaboration with National Mill Dog Rescue this year, and the pure and mixed breed dogs and puppies who disembarked Sunday represented an especially wide variety of breeds. Among the wagging tails and tongues were Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, a Golden Retriever, a Weimaraner, and the most expressive Basset Hounds.

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Ted Moriates, Animal League America Rescue Team Leader, snuggled a tiny Chihuahua in his shirt to keep her warm in the chilly, November morning air. He commented that the dogs’ transformation really begins on the Mobile Unit as they make the journey to Long Island. “These guys just want to be loved,” Ted noted. “A lot of them are getting their first medical care, and their very first touches. They’re learning that not all touch means something bad.”

Animal League America is excited to have resumed these lifesaving missions with National Mill Dog Rescue, resulting in more than 100 once-neglected animals brought into our care this year, and into loving, responsible homes.

Currently, our new arrivals are undergoing veterinary exams, behavioral assessments, and will receive thorough groomings. Some of the dogs may need help with socialization and learning how to be a beloved pet. Once they are cleared, they will all be available for adoption.

We want these resilient and beautiful animals to know that they are not commodities, and we will help each and every one get the fresh start they deserve.

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