Springtime Brings Hope and Healing for Commercial Breeding Rescues

///Springtime Brings Hope and Healing for Commercial Breeding Rescues

On a crisp spring morning, the North Shore Animal League America’s Mobile Rescue Unit arrived carrying 43 dogs and puppies saved from commercial breeding facilities throughout the Midwest. The canines, mostly seniors, were subjected to lives of neglect and hardship, but now have a second chance to experience love and kindness.

The transport is part of an ongoing collaboration with our long-time partner in animal welfare, National Mill Dog Rescue. The arrival of these particular dogs and puppies is also something that Animal League America Kennel Manager Jamie Malone always looks forward to, noting, “These beautiful canines obviously did not get the life that they deserved up until this point. So to see them arrive here, knowing that they’re safe, and knowing what awaits them, is really exciting.”

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Dogs in commercial breeding situations are maintained for profit, so they are provided with the bare minimum of care to simply be kept alive. When they age out of their ability to breed, they are often euthanized. Now, however, they will experience proper grooming, nutrition, tender handling, and will receive any medical treatment they require. Jamie added, “We see them physically and emotionally transform as they receive love and care for the first time. And then they start to realize that people are good, and they begin to seek us out for affection.”

The rescued dogs were gently snuggled and carried into our facility, while the campus buzzed with activity. Our veterinarians will tend to their medical needs, our groomers will pamper them with much-needed spa treatments, and all along their journey our volunteers will administer gentle pets. And as they await their new beginnings, these precious animals innately understand that their days of suffering are finally behind them.

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