Chihuahuas Rescued From House of Horror

///Chihuahuas Rescued From House of Horror

Warning: Some images may be heartbreaking.

Recently, North Shore Animal League America took part in a rescue that saved more than 150 dogs from an extreme hoarding situation in Tennessee. Shelter partner Rescue DOG (Mountain City, TN) led the mission in lifting the dogs – primarily Chihuahuas of varying ages — out of unfathomable living conditions. Tragically, the elderly owners of the home were mentally ill – as is common in animal hoarding situations – and in their disoriented state, had the best of intentions. The couple is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment.

“It was inspiring to be part of this impressive collaborative effort to get the dogs to safety as quickly as possible,” said Karla Agostinello, Animal League America Rescue Manager. “We partner with thousands of organizations throughout the country in order to assist in the humane relocation of animals in need. There is strength in numbers when we pull together in order to save animals’ lives and find them loving homes.”

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Angels of Assisi animal shelter (Roanoke, VA) provided immediate assistance to those dogs who were most at risk. Animal League America arranged for a transport in the area to pick up the animals who were ready to travel, in order to ease the burden on our rescue partners. The nine Chihuahuas who arrived to Animal League America bore battle scars from their past, but were eagerly accepting of all the kindness being shown to them.

To get them ready for adoption, the Chihuahuas in our care all received thorough veterinary exams and grooming. Having to fight for survival among so many, some of the dogs had physical scarring, and all had nails that were painfully overgrown. Our specialists not only address any medical conditions, but Animal League America Pet Behavior experts know how to support recovery from such a traumatic environment.

It is a credit to the indomitable spirit of these tender-hearted pups that they could survive such horrific conditions, and exhibit trust in their handlers already. We are grateful for the opportunity to show them life is not all suffering and torment, and that a responsible, loving home awaits each one of them.

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