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Neglected puppies now in my care, is it legal to keep them?

So my neighbors dog just had puppies about 7 weeks ago. They’re tiny little mix breeds (couldn’t tell you both breeds). We share a front yard and have never had issue sharing it, we both have other dogs. However since they’ve had these puppies they have not been properly taken care of. They are malnourished, smell like feecies , and were not given their vaccinations. We just got a puppy recently and he’s been doing wonderful until recently. The puppies started pooping in our side of the yard a green mucus based droppings and now my puppy just started the same. We took him to the vet and we were told it could be the puppies who are giving it to my dog. Well today the puppies were let out with no supervision into our yard and started fighting each other to eat one of my bigger dogs poop. It was not a beautiful sight, so we took the dogs inside, gave them a bath, food, trimmed their coats and nails. Could we confiscate the puppies legally?

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Stolen dog

If I was given a dog for free, I paid for the vet bills, registered her, and paid to put her in my rental lease and then I was robbed and beaten up in my own home for the dog. Do I have to go to civil court in order to get the dog back ? I pressed charges so would that be resolved in the regular court along w the case or so I have to go to separate court?

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My cat has been trapped!!!

My cat was trapped by my neighbor and she was out there for hours meowing we saved her in the end but she has been mad and scared since she has been hiding. The neighbors did not even tell my family that he disliked my cat. We have been keeping her inside but I’m still scared she will get trapped or killed or be lost forever. Her life is on the line please help!

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