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How can I legally claim an abandoned dog?

There was a dog left at the local vet and has not been picked up. The client was called everyday for the last 2 weeks. The client also expressed that she did not want to pay the 2k bill and she also stated that she is moving. What are the steps that we would need to do to legally claim the dog w/o any repercussions. The vet has no clue how to handle this.

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Neglected puppies now in my care, is it legal to keep them?

So my neighbors dog just had puppies about 7 weeks ago. They’re tiny little mix breeds (couldn’t tell you both breeds). We share a front yard and have never had issue sharing it, we both have other dogs. However since they’ve had these puppies they have not been properly taken care of. They are malnourished, smell like feecies , and were not given their vaccinations. We just got a puppy recently and he’s been doing wonderful until recently. The puppies started pooping in our side of the yard a green mucus based droppings and now my puppy just started the same. We took him to the vet and we were told it could be the puppies who are giving it to my dog. Well today the puppies were let out with no supervision into our yard and started fighting each other to eat one of my bigger dogs poop. It was not a beautiful sight, so we took the dogs inside, gave them a bath, food, trimmed their coats and nails. Could we confiscate the puppies legally?

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Can I take an animal out of a neglect situation?

My friend was asked to take care of three cats over a weekend. It was said that all he had to do was feed them. When he arrived the place smelled of amonium so bad it made his mouth burn. The concrete was stained with poop and vomit. It’s clear that they’ve been here without proper amenities or their actual owner for months. So, is it okay for him to try and take the animals out of that situation? What can we do to help these cats?

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