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What legal rights do I have as a foster parent?

I am currently fostering a young dog, that myself and children have grown attached to. We would like to move forward to adopt him, however the rescue wants the pup to go to a single male, living in a 600 square foot apartment. I live in a house on a half acre fenced in yard. This is a large breed that requires a lot exercise. The dog is afraid of men- even states it in his profile on the rescues website. The rescue is pushing for this man to take him, after I voiced my concerns that he is not a good fit for the dog. What legal rights do I have?

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Foster Custody Procedures

A friend of mine adopted a dog from the shelter, she found out she is not allowed to keep the dog where she lives. I told her I would foster the dog because I do not want it going back to the shelter. I don’t know what I’m legally supposed to do next.

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