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Conflict in Family Led to Incident

My teenage son had an emotional and mental break down where he ended up hurting our family dog in the process. He was taken to the hospital but the police along with animal control are charging him with animal cruelty and there’s a possibility that they won’t give him back as long as my son is living here with us. It was the first time this ever happened and we don’t know what to do - none of us want to lose our family dog and my son is getting the help he needs. What can we do as a family to try and get our dog home?

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She’s my dog but the law is trying to remove her.

Recently, someone in my house hold was arrested for animal cruelty. They went in for their animal cruelty assessment and they were told that I would have to re-home my dog, even though she isn't his dog. She is completely mine and her adoption is under my name. Can the law force me to give my dog away because someone in my household was arrested for animal cruelty?

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