Our Latest Rescues

//Our Latest Rescues

Hope and Homecoming for Commercial Breeder Rescues

North Shore Animal League America completed another collaborative rescue mission this October with partner National Mill Dog Rescue, saving 47 dogs and puppies from commercial breeding facilities in the Midwest. Encompassing a variety of primarily small breeds from poodles to corgis, the canines arrived at our Port Washington campus in dire need of extensive care after lives spent in cramped cages, devoid of nurturing.

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Hawaii Felines Find Sanctuary at Animal League America

North Shore Animal League America collaborated with rescue partner Lucky Paws Animal Foundation to save cats and kittens impacted by the devastating fires in Maui. On September 10, 17 felines arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport after a long journey from Hawaii, on their way to the safety of our Port Washington campus.

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Canines Rescued from Commercial Breeders Get a Fresh Start

Despite days of challenging weather, our Rescue Team persevered to reach the more than 50 dogs saved from commercial breeding facilities throughout the Midwest. Working in partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, they transported dogs and puppies – including Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Spaniels, Yorkies, Poodles and Shepherd mixes – via our Mobile Rescue Unit to the safety of our Port Washington, NY campus. These precious canines, who were cruelly cast aside and at risk of being euthanized, are now getting a new beginning and the care they deserve.

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Inside the Journey from Despair to Joy: Commercial Breeder Canines Get a Second Chance

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, now 50 dogs and puppies have a second chance at life after being saved from commercial breeding facilities in the Midwest. Witnessing this mission firsthand was Animal League America staff member and designer David Haliski. Usually capturing photographs of transport arrivals to our Port Washington, NY campus, this time David traveled with rescue team members Ted Moriates and Karla Agostinello on the Mobile Unit to Missouri and back.

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Giving the Gift of Hope to South Carolina Rescues

Survivors of horrific circumstances, two special dogs are ready to find a loving home for the holidays thanks to the teamwork from our incredible shelter partners in South Carolina. Clayton and Freyja made the trip to our Port Washington, NY campus together on our Mobile Unit as part of a rescue mission with partners A Second Chance and Lakeside Animal Rescue.

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Injured City Kitten Is Now Safe in Our Hands

Terrified and hiding under a New York City bus with a severely damaged left eye, Granola barely made it out of the perilous situation he was in. Fortunately, the tiny, five-week-old kitten was found by our rescue partner, Manhattan Animal Care Center, who contacted us because they knew we would provide Granola with the care he needed.

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Fifty-Seven Canines Lifted Out of Cruelty and Into Our Caring Hands

In partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, the Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit traveled to the Midwest to save 57 small breed dogs and puppies who had been living in deplorable conditions. The commercial breeding facility that had been their home was being shut down by government authorities.

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Animal Rescue is a Team Effort in Hurricane Ian Aftermath

One of the most destructive storms in Florida’s history, Hurricane Ian has left residents struggling in its wake. As always in times of crisis, North Shore Animal League America mobilized quickly to help, bringing people together and forging new bonds in the process.

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Hurricane Ian Relief

Our shelter partners along Florida’s southwest coast are facing the aftermath and clean-up of damage caused by Hurricane Ian and the subsequent storm surge. North Shore Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team is collecting relief supplies to be distributed to affected animal shelters in in the wake of this catastrophic storm. Supplies will be hard to come by in areas hit hardest by the hurricane. That's why we are reaching out to animal lovers in the Long Island and tristate region for help.

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