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Puppies Battle Life-Threatening Parvovirus and Win!

North Shore Animal League America often rescues pregnant dogs or dogs with litters of puppies. Recently, two sweet mama dogs arrived with their pups on a rescue transport from Tennessee. Sadly some of their pups starting showing possible signs of canine parvovirus. The ones who tested positive were placed right away in isolation in our Freed Special Recovery Center. Thanks to this vital resource, our special procedures, and amazing staff, there is good news for the pups!

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Half Off Adoption Fees for All Cats & Kittens

Now is the purr-fect time to adopt a cat! For a limited time we're reducing our adoption fees for all cats and kittens 50%.* All adoptions will be by appointment only following our social distancing protocols. View our adoptable felines and find your new best friend.

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Rescue Pup Graduates as Trained Service Dog

Benji, recruited from puppies saved by North Shore Animal League America from an overcrowded shelter, is the first graduating service dog for Putnam Service Dogs.  He gives a new meaning to the phrase “second chances” — Benji the rescue dog is going on to a life dedicated to assisting a person with disabilities other than blindness.

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Devoted Chihuahuas Rescued from Texas Find “Perfect” Home

When Little Man and Bella, a pair of bonded Chihuahuas, came to North Shore Animal League on a rescue transport from Texas they had no idea their world was changing for the better. After a short time as office fosters, where they learned to trust and socialize, these devoted siblings soon found themselves in their perfect home.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Amy Huang

Amy Huang, part of the Volun-TEEN program at North Shore Animal League America, didn’t just put in her six months of time for high school service credits, she loved every minute while she was here with the animals. She loved it so much that she continued to volunteer past her initial commitment and asked to conduct her senior experience here as well.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Maria D’Agostino and Tom Burke

Tom Burke stands in front of the training room at North Shore Animal League America and distributes the handouts for the volunteer dog walking class. At the same time, he and Maria D’Agostino talk about their experiences with the dogs on the Port Washington, NY campus. Their smiles light up the room.

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Mission Continues During Global Pandemic

During this time of crisis, the world continues to change with an unsettling uncertainty. Yet, as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes the country into another week of quarantine, for the lives of all the animals at North Shore Animal League America it’s just another day in the dog park.

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Foster Care Program Feels the Love Amid Crisis

Peaches, a 16-year-old cat with kidney disease and an overactive thyroid, really needed a home to spend her Golden Years. Larissa, a puppy mill survivor awaiting an echocardiogram and possible ear surgery, was hoping for a quiet place while undergoing treatment. Finding the right foster homes for animals in need can be a daunting task. Then, the whole world changed.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Jennifer and Arianna Levine

Every other Friday, without fail, Jennifer and Arianna Levine can be seen selecting puppies at North Shore Animal League America for their visits to the Queens Centers for Progress as part of our Shelter Pet Outreach Team (SPOT). They say that they wouldn’t want to spend these two days any other way — they get to bring puppies to people who need their warmth and comfort and brighten their day.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Jill Marcus

Jill Marcus first thought about volunteering five years ago when her last cat passed away. Jill felt that she wanted to put her “animal energy into helping homeless cats and getting them adopted” rather than having more pets of her own. Today, Jill makes a real difference by spending quality time with our rescued cats.

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