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Tiny Cricket Has a Big Fighting Spirit

First thing you notice about this pocket-sized kitten are his mesmerizing green eyes, if you can keep him still that is! Cricket may have a rare medical condition, but he also has the heart of a survivor and is ready to play.

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Donor Spotlight: Larry and Bonnie Grubler

“Since I work for a nonprofit myself, I realize how important it is to support an organization with a real cause that I believe in,” said Larry Grubler, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Transitional Services for New York. “The two causes I truly believe in are helping people with mental health issues and helping animals. I’ve been involved with North Shore Animal League America for many years. I’ve seen the amazing work you do and I have personal experience with the staff.”

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Donor Spotlight: Clare Kaberle

Animal League America is incredibly fortunate to have dedicated supporters who are passionate about animals, and who are drawn to us because of our no-kill mission. Clare Kaberle has been a friend to animals for many years, and recently shared with us the motivation behind her commitment. “I believe it’s our duty to help because they can’t help themselves,” Clare said. “I wish everyone felt that way. Animals bring so much joy to us, how can you not want to do whatever you can to save them?”

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Giving Day Brings Animal League America Supporters Together

It was a glorious evening on the Monarch Rooftop June 6 for our Wooftop® party, where friends of North Shore Animal League America showed up in force to kick off our Giving Day fundraiser. Animal League America supporters were rewarded with puppy love, in addition to great food, lively music, and a specialty cocktail from sponsor Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

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Summer Adoption Special

Our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center is filled to capacity with dogs and cats looking to find responsible, loving homes. To help these loveable companion animals find their new homes we’re offering the following adoption special through Sunday, June 26, 2022: Save 50% off adoption fees for all dogs and cats 6 months and older, and all dogs and cats over 2 years old are FREE for all approved adopters.*

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Donor Spotlight: Andrew Williams

It’s clear that Riley, the newly adopted dog of longtime North Shore Animal League America donor Andrew Williams, is now living the good life. And not just because he is named after a classic British car. While we spoke to Andrew about his commitment to animal rescue, Riley ran and explored a nature trail off leash, getting lots of fresh air and making new friends.

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Donor Spotlight: Sandra Atlas Bass

Renowned philanthropist Sandra Atlas Bass has been a vital partner of North Shore Animal League America for decades. Chair of the Lewyt Humane Awards Luncheon, Ms. Bass provides invaluable support to many of our events and initiatives, driven by her deep sense of compassion and belief in our mission. Her desire to make the world a better place includes concern for both animals and people. Most recently, our Long Island community celebrated the opening of the Sandra Atlas Bass Otolaryngology Center, an 18,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, comprehensive care facility in New Hyde Park, NY.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Melanie Waller

Melanie Waller found Animal League America to be a valuable respite when the nation locked down due to COVID-19. Melanie previously interned with our web team and returned to volunteer in BFF during quarantine. She found volunteering at Animal League America provided a source of much-needed human interaction, in addition to the emotional lift that comes from being around our animals.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Ana Sanchez

For Ana Sanchez, her time spent in our Pet Health Centers is about more than her passion for animals, it is a future vocation. Ana was accepted into a veterinary technician training program, and hopes to make a career of healing the injured.

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Long Island Voted Us Top Dog!

On April 5, 2022, North Shore Animal League America came out on top at the first annual LI Choice Awards, winning in THREE categories: Best Nonprofit Organization, Best Veterinarian, and Best Animal Adoption/Rescue Services.

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