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A Compassionate Commitment

At North Shore Animal League America, we believe in caring for all animals in need, for however long or short a time that may be. Through the support of our Comfort Pet Hospice Care, a part of our Foster Care Program, we are able to provide animals with terminal illnesses the compassionate care they need to live their final days surrounded by love. For a loveable senior tabby named Cutie, the program has been a blessing.

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June Feline Adoption Special

June is Adopt A Cat Month and our Bianca's Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center is filled with purrfectly wonderful cats looking for responsible, loving homes. To help these fabulous felines, we're offering offering 50% off adoption fees for all cats 6 months and older, Saturday June 1 through Sunday, June 16.*

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Help Stop Animal Cruelty in The Bronx

In the world of animal welfare, there are always battles to be fought on behalf of innocent creatures. One of our shelter partners, Little Wanderers NYC, has been fighting a battle for years to put an end to a horrific culture of abuse right in their own community in the Bronx. Learn how you can help put an end to this cruelty and have your voice heard!

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Richard Cogan

With a heart full of love for animals and a desire to make a difference, Richard Cogan has been part of North Shore Animal League America’s mission since 2022. His journey into volunteering with the organization stems from a personal connection to both the cause and the furry companions he serves.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Enya Sakhrani

From an early age, Enya knew she wanted to follow in her mom’s footsteps and volunteer at North Shore Animal League America, but first she had to wait until she turned 16. Now she is enrolled in our VolunTEEN program and loving every minute of it.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Michiko Hashimoto

Since 2012, Michiko has given her time to benefit the well-being of our felines at North Shore Animal League America. Michiko’s love for cats began during her childhood in Japan, with a mischievous four-legged companion who stole her heart. Michiko was devastated when her parents gave the cat away, but miraculously her beloved pet escaped and found his way home; cementing her lifelong passion for cats and the enduring bonds we form with them.

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Tour For Life Adoption Special

Our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center is filled with dogs and cats who can't wait to be your new best friend. To help them find their new homes we're offering 50% off adoption fees for all dogs and cats over 4 months!*

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Violet and Her Pups Battle for Survival

Pets are not just like family, they are family. That’s why it was so heartbreaking when we first learned about Violet. Found abandoned in an empty home when her family packed up and moved away, Violet was suffering from a painful skin infection and nursing her litter of nine puppies. With no access to food or water, Violet was in desperate need of help.

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Kira Was Saved Just in Time

Our Pet Health Centers team jumped into action recently with the arrival of Kira, a 9-month-old English Bulldog mix who was surrendered to us in significant distress. Not only was Kira in heat, but she had a prolapse of her rectum and a possible hernia that was so painful, she had to be sedated to allow our veterinary staff to examine her. The plan was for a full examination while sedated during spay surgery, that's when a life-threatening infection was found just in time to save her life.

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Leah’s Second Chance: Overcoming a Medical Mystery

Malnourished, with bones protruding from her tiny frame when she first arrived, Leah could not keep any food down. She had been surrendered into our when her owners they could no longer handle the challenges of her mysterious condition. An emergency care facility thought perhaps Leah had pancreatitis. Our Pet Health Centers team began an exhaustive search for answers.

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