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Brotherly Love: Two Sweet Dogs Who Need to be Together

During February, everyone’s thoughts turn to love and these two dogs, Hercules and Vesty, can teach us a lesson or two. These five-year-old “brothers” are bonded as much as any real siblings could be. They rely on each other to be happy and they do everything together. Including being sweet and loving favorites of our staff and volunteers.

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Open Your Heart to a Furry Valentine

February is a month with HEART. So we’re focusing on both heart health and sweethearts! Adopt or help promote a special-needs cat who has a lot of heart and may just need some extra care to keep them healthy. Heart conditions are not always troublesome—often they can be controlled with regular veterinary visits and medication. Many heart conditions are quite common in animals, and it doesn’t mean they can’t live happy lives. It’s time to find yourself a kitty sweetheart who really needs someone to love!

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From Injured and Alone to a Happy Home

Unable to walk and terrified, Cranberry was found by a Good Samaritan in November of last year outside a delicatessen in New York City. Life had not been kind to this four-month-old kitten, but only Cranberry knew what she had endured.

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Sweet Shih Tzu Finds Compassion and Caring After Years of Neglect

Bleak. This one word describes what Lucy’s life must have been like inside a puppy mill. She’s never known what it’s like to feel safe, loved, or cared for. Seven-year-old Lucy, a sweet Shih Tzu, spent her entire life in a mill or commercial breeding facility where dogs are more like products than pets.

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Westhampton Satellite Campus Provides More Hope For Homeless Dogs

At our Westhampton, N.Y. satellite campus, you can meet 20+ of our adoptable dogs, who for one reason or another, have had trouble finding the perfect homes. All of these special dogs were rescued from various parts of the world and transported out to this east-end facility so they can receive extra attention and guidance from our skilled Pet Behavior Team and nurturing kennel staff.

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Disabled Rescue Pet Continues to Beat the Odds

Every rescue pet has a unique story to tell. But some stories stand out as some of our proudest success stories. Take Jamie, a Cocker Spaniel puppy rescued from a Midwestern commercial breeding facility with multiple disabilities, whose photo on one of our social media platforms placed him in the arms of his perfect human companion.

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NASCAR Pup Series

Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines! Animal League America is partnering with NASCAR and NBC Sports to present the first-ever NASCAR on NBC “Pup Series.”

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Abandoned and Struggling to Survive

Heartbreaking. There’s simply no other way to describe Forest’s condition when he first arrived at North Shore Animal League America. The 8-year-old Shih Tzu was found abandoned in a vacant parking lot struggling to survive. His black and white coat filthy and severely matted. His ears and skin badly infected. Both front legs mangled, the left also wounded due to the unkempt hair that wrapped itself so tightly around the limb it caused lack of blood flow. There’s no telling how long this poor creature was left to suffer in this condition, but he’ll never feel that pain again thanks to the high quality compassionate care he’ll receive at our Pet Health Centers.

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