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Need to remove husband’s cat from my house.

My husband's hybrid domestic cat (very expensive) makes messes constantly, brakes my property, pees, and poo's in virtually every room of the house and is unsafe around my newborn baby (has slapped him in the past and cannot be trusted around the baby- but with additional caution since I am not aware of another occurrence). My husband and I currently have serious relationship issues (not just related to the cat) and he does not seem to care enough for the welfare of my baby, or my quality of life to do something about his cat or comply with my request to remove it. How can I remove the cat legally? Am I forced to live with this cat until my husband moves out? Only my name is on the mortgage since my husband moved in with me before we married.

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Was my cat killed?

I signed a surrender contract under great emotional distress, not of sound mind or body and duress, not knowing what I was signing and being pressured to do so by the shelter cat care coordinator. I trusted this shelter was no kill, but as soon as I found out they are a high kill shelter I went back and asked to have my cat back because I feared for his safety.

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Animal Protective League threatened to take my dogs.

The Animal Protective League officer called me and told me my dogs should be outside in the heat because I have a big fenced in yard with plenty of shaded areas. She told me that if I didn’t answer my phone, she would have to take my dogs away. Did she have a right to do that without a warrant?

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My neighbor keeps taking my dog home.

My mom is watching my dog and has been occupied with having a family issue and needs to be 3 hours away. I am leaving family friends to watch my German Shepard husky mix. He is known for running through the electric fence if not watched, and he will run to the end of the neighborhood and then come back within 15 minutes. One of the people that lives at the end of the road keeps bringing him in her home and not calling us to come get him, and then will release him hours later. We have all talked to the lady about not brining him inside, and she constantly does it. Is there anyway I can keep her from doing this even though I live in a different country and can't get home myself to fix the issue?

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Does the rescue have to return the dog to the woman?

I volunteer for a dog rescue. A woman adopted one of the dogs, decided it wasn’t a good fit, and returned it. Two weeks later, she demanded that the rescue give the dog back. Does the rescue have to return the dog? She said she was “not a good fit” for her family? She is harassing us daily, has hired a lawyer, and is now threatening to send the police to the foster hole where the dog is located.

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My ex husband is suing for the cost of our puppy.

My ex husband and I briefly got back together. While we were at the mall, I saw him in the pet store. He got a puppy that he knew I would want. I always wanted this breed. He got the dog in his name and vet in his name. We broke up less than a month later. I offered to take the dog and payments via text, but he never gave me the dog or drew up a agreement. Now two months later, he is taking me to small claims court for the cost of the dog.

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My neighbor is neglecting her pet. What recourse do I have to get the dog help?

I helped my neighbor adopt a dog from the local shelter. The help I provided was by accompanying her with the adoption process. She had initially asked for my help because of my relationship with the rescues. Although I hardly knew her, she appeared to have taken good care of her past pets. She has had the dog not a week yet, but is neglecting him. She does not feed him regularly and is not attending to his UTI. She also has very condemnable living conditions. I did not see or know this until after the adoption. I have offered my advice several times on how to care for the dog. I have also given her supplies such as food, bedding, treats, harness, leash, etc.. As I am discovering the neglect, I also offered to take the dog back to shelter. She is now refuses/ignores my support. The dog is not getting basic needs met and does not have decent living conditions. What recourse do I have now to get the dog help?

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How can I help an animal that is being abused?

Can I legally remove a dog off a property if I have evidence of abuse? My wife's sister lives in the apartment above these people, and that poor dog has been in 90+ degree weather for weeks locked in a kennel, and they hear them hitting the dog daily.

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I gave away a pet and now I regret it.

A week ago I was under a lot of stress dealing with health issues. My daughter received a puppy for Christmas in 2018 from her dad. Last week in the heat of the moment, I gave her dog away. I did not measure the consequences of my actions. Now all my children are crying and they want their pet back. I've reached out to the person I gave our dog to and explained to her the situation. My daughter was suffering anxiety from being bullied at school and her therapist had stated that a pet could help her deal with it. Now I am afraid that me giving away her dog has her struggling with depression again. The dog has been at this person's home for 5 days. I've tried to explain that I was wrong in my doing, but she refuses to return the dog. What can I do? I have 3 kids crying and begging for their dog to come home.

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