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Service animal was attacked & killed by another dog.

My service animal was attacked and killed at a dog park by another dog. The owners of the husky mix did not even attempt to help me restrain their dog; they even tried to flee the scene. Although I made sure to obtain their info, I have made a claim under the liability portion of their renters' insurance. The insurance company says pets are considered personal property, and they will only pay for the economical damages. However, service animals are not considered pets; they are considered "working animals." The direct results from their negligence have impacted my health and disability. Yes, I can be reimbursed for the service animal, but what about the last year I have had to put into the training and the costs that come along with that? I am not able to work due to my disability and was planning on breeding him with my other small dog for income. Wouldn't that be a loss of income too?

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Stolen Puppies.

I had 5 Akita Shepherd wolf mixes that are now 4 months old. I asked someone to watch them while I was gone, and they refused to return them. I want to take legal action for the emotional distress this has caused me.

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Severe injury to dog at the groomer’s, causing a cranial cruciate ligament rupture requiring surgery.

What is the best course of action to seek compensation for my dog's pain, suffering, and treatment expenses, including the cost of surgery? I have already contacted a large attorney group, and they are not interested in taking this case. I don't have the money to pay out of pocket for an attorney. My dog walked into the groomer's, but he couldn't walk or bear weight when he was picked up from the groomer's.

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Who is the owner of this cat.

Last October I found a stray cat stuck in a cage by a dumpster and brought it home. I got it shots, spayed, and microchipped all under my name. My girlfriend at the time wanted to find a better home for it then my college dorm so decided to send it to her house to live with her mom while we were at school. Fast forward 6 months we broke up and she refuses to give me the cat back. Everything is under my name but she swears that her mother feeding it for the last 6 months and giving it a home outweighs the paperwork.

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Parental neglect.

I am a minor who is coming into possession of a cat. I love this cat with all my heart, and I will pay all necessary fees to keep her alive. However, my family refuses to keep this cat at our house, so I am sharing custody of this cat with a friend of mine. She is allowed to keep this cat; however, her stepfather is a mean drunk and has a history of giving away pets in the house for money or otherwise. There is no other place I can keep this cat. If her stepfather removes the cat, what can I do about it, and what legal repercussions can I enforce? If he lays one finger on my baby, I swear to God I will throw the book at him. Please help.

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Do I have to give the dog back?

The dog was left with me while the owner went out of town for 2.5 weeks. It's been 7 weeks now, and she wants to come get her. The dog's nails were neglected, and no shots were given, that I know of. I have given my landlord a deposit, had her bathed, ears, and nails done, and had her vaccinations done. Do I have to give her back? She's a lawyer and leaves her sometimes for 12-14 hours. Please help, this baby is my life now, and my whole apartment unit loves her.

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Asking for neighbor to pay for cremation.

My dachshund was pulled from under the fence line and into the neighbor's yard, where she was mauled. The sheriff/Animal Control came and took the neighbor's dog, which was euthanized. Now, I would like them to pay for it all - the emotional toll this has taken on my family, the cost of getting her cremated, everything. I just don't know where to begin or how to go about demanding payment. I simply need a little guidance.

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Demanding the return of an adopted dog.

Are there any legal loopholes through which a rescue can demand the return of an adopted dog if it can be proven that the adopter was negligent and put the dog's life at risk? The person adopted a dog and was told the dog is very skittish and not to take her out walking until she gets settled. The owner disregarded what was said, and the dog got out. The adopter never called the rescue to let them know the dog got lost (less than 24 hours after adoption) and made very little effort to find her (there are witnesses). I would like to know if that can be considered "abuse"?

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Do I have to neuter my puppy even if I signed the contract stating I would?

Hello, My husband and I got a puppy back in October. Our puppy is 6 months old now, and I am receiving text messages / calls regarding our puppy’s neuter from the adoption company. We now don’t want to neuter him but I signed a contract stating I would. Thing is, we moved to California from Florida due to the military. We purchase him in Alabama. Question is, can I get in any trouble or is there something else I can do than neutering my puppy. Thank you!

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