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If someone is threatening to trap and kill my cat, who is microchipped and has a collar, what can I do?

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Getting my dog back.

Due to time constraints, I had to give my dog to a foster/adoption organization. However, less than a few hours after giving him up, I contacted the agency to see if I could get my dog back, but they said no. When they came to pick up my dog, they did not provide me with any paperwork to confirm the exchange. I asked them again if I could get my dog back because I realized I had made a mistake in giving him up.

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Neighbor complained about my dogs getting into their yard due to broken fence.

Our neighbor sent us a letter threatening legal action if our dogs enter their yard again. They also contacted our landlord about the issue. Our fence, which is 21 years old, needs replacement, but our landlord refuses to do so. Recently, after a storm, a fence post was down, and our dogs entered their yard. We promptly called them, and they came over right away. Despite this, the neighbor sent us a nasty letter. My husband immediately fixed the fence afterward. Do they have a legal case against us?

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Dog killed by another dog on walk.

My son took my dog for a walk. My dog was on his leash, but a big dog ran out of a neighbor's house and killed my dog. The house in question has no fence, so as soon as the dog got out of the front door, he had the run of the neighborhood. This dog has supposedly already bitten 4 people. What are my options? How do I proceed with a lawsuit? What kind of suit would it be?

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Dog not allowed to be in the yard.

My neighbor had a dispute with me. Their dog had bonded with us when she was two months old. She would come out to the backyard through her pet door several times a day, and we would visit with her every day. They have a chain-link fence between our properties. When the owners would take her for a walk, we would join them, and they would let the dog go into our front yard, and we would visit and play. Now, we haven’t seen the dog for weeks. They don’t give her access to the back or front yard.

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Can a temporary boarding become permanent due to safety concerns?

I received this wonderful dog from someone who needed temporary boarding while she went through a court ordered rehab program. I was told she would be with us for 3-4 months. And I agreed to return her contingent on the original owner proving sobriety and stability. When the dog was first placed in my care I noticed that she was physically healthy but extremely anxious and traumatized. The previous caretaker was drugging her daily with a tranquilizer that was not prescribed for her. It has now been over ten months, no communication from the original owner. The dog is doing wonderfully well, is happy and well adjusted and feels safe. Yesterday I was informed the original owner wants the dog back now. I have also since learned that the initial court ordered rehab was due to a violent incident. Can I refuse to return the dog, citing safety and stability concerns and breach of the original agreement? Since I didn’t hear from them for months after the terms of the original agreement, could it be considered abandonment of property?

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My neighbor wants to take my cat.

What can I do to prevent my neighbor from stealing my cat and taking it, then dropping it off somewhere else? I'm sure she won't take it to a shelter, she mentioned dumping it far away so it won't return, which I consider animal cruelty because it's my pet. I have an appointment for it to be fixed on Dec 22nd, and I'm planning to keep it inside until then. How can I ensure my pet isn't stolen and left alone somewhere?

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