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My dog was killed by neighbor dog.

My neighbors 2 dogs entered my house through our dog door while I was not home. They killed 1 of my dogs and were attacking my others when I walked in. What should/can I do? I did call the police, as far as I know my neighbor was not cited. We had an incident months ago where his dog attacked mine, fortunately we were home and got to our dog quickly. He was not seriously injured. I did not report this incident to authorities but I did tell my neighbor.

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Can nephew press charges for giving dog away?

I have had my nephews dog for over a year, and they were not doing what they were supposed to do to help take care of this dog while this dog was in my possession. So, after a year a gave her to someone that will take care of her. Now my nephew is threatening to press charges against me. Can he do that?

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Neighbor dog attacked mine on my property.

I live in small town, Washington. There is no animal control. My Neighbor regularly has her dogs off leash in her unfenced yard. Every time I have my dogs in my yard and hers notice, her dogs run to my yard and attack mine. The sheriff tells me I need to ask her to leash her dogs before bringing mine outside our fence both in my own yard and on the city street and sidewalks near her house. I cannot safely use my own yard for my dogs as long as hers are outside their fence. Do I have any legal repercussions? I have video evidence of their dog attacking mine in my own yard.

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Was my dog neutered or not?

Back in April of 2020 I spent around $400 to get my dog neutered. After he was fixed he wasn’t peeing right, he still doesn’t. Sometimes he lifts his leg (which I know is normal for males) but sometimes he squats, walks as he’s peeing and he even pees when he gets scared which he used to never do. A few months later we went to the breeder and ended up buying his sister. My dog is now a little over a year old and his sister is 6-7 months and we think she’s pregnant. Her nipples are enlarged and she appears to be nesting. If she is pregnant do you think the vet could have messed up while trying to get my dog neutered?

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Need to remove husband’s cat from my house.

My husband's hybrid domestic cat (very expensive) makes messes constantly, brakes my property, pees, and poo's in virtually every room of the house and is unsafe around my newborn baby (has slapped him in the past and cannot be trusted around the baby- but with additional caution since I am not aware of another occurrence). My husband and I currently have serious relationship issues (not just related to the cat) and he does not seem to care enough for the welfare of my baby, or my quality of life to do something about his cat or comply with my request to remove it. How can I remove the cat legally? Am I forced to live with this cat until my husband moves out? Only my name is on the mortgage since my husband moved in with me before we married.

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Was my cat killed?

I signed a surrender contract under great emotional distress, not of sound mind or body and duress, not knowing what I was signing and being pressured to do so by the shelter cat care coordinator. I trusted this shelter was no kill, but as soon as I found out they are a high kill shelter I went back and asked to have my cat back because I feared for his safety.

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Animal Protective League threatened to take my dogs.

The Animal Protective League officer called me and told me my dogs should be outside in the heat because I have a big fenced in yard with plenty of shaded areas. She told me that if I didn’t answer my phone, she would have to take my dogs away. Did she have a right to do that without a warrant?

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