Faces of the League

///Faces of the League

Volunteer Appreciation Month: Alana Wolfson

From early childhood days spent snuggling with her beloved stuffed animals, Alana knew one day she would spend her time around real ones as much as possible. When she was old enough to volunteer, choosing where to donate her time was easy. Alana was drawn to North Shore Animal League America because of our world-renowned reputation and no-kill mission, and she signed up to join the VolunTEEN program.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Suzanne Sutley

After 35 years teaching middle schoolers, Suzanne Sutley wanted to direct the skills she had honed during her career to a new purpose. In 2020, she found the perfect outlet when she began volunteering at our Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. What Suzanne didn’t realize until later was just how much cats and eighth graders have in common.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Jossie O’Neill

Anyone meeting Jossie will be immediately struck by her infectious positivity and energy. Happily North Shore Animal League America has had the benefit of her time over the past year and Jossie is the first to say it has had a positive impact on her life off our campus as well.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Tom Audette

After spending his career working in the county court system, Tom Audette knows how to keep things running smoothly, and deeply appreciates the advantages of being around canines. “What’s not to love about this?” Tom commented as he snuggled an adorable pup in his arms. “When I was working it was definitely therapeutic to be around puppies on a Saturday!”

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Celebrating Veterinary Technicians Week

National Veterinary Technician Week, first celebrated in 1993, takes place the third week of October every year, and provides an opportunity to recognize the vital role our veterinary technicians play in ensuring the animals in our care receive the best possible medical care.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Melanie Waller

Melanie Waller found Animal League America to be a valuable respite when the nation locked down due to COVID-19. Melanie previously interned with our web team and returned to volunteer in BFF during quarantine. She found volunteering at Animal League America provided a source of much-needed human interaction, in addition to the emotional lift that comes from being around our animals.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Ana Sanchez

For Ana Sanchez, her time spent in our Pet Health Centers is about more than her passion for animals, it is a future vocation. Ana was accepted into a veterinary technician training program, and hopes to make a career of healing the injured.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Richard Leagh

Richard Leagh did not know just how life-changing volunteering at Animal League America would turn out to be. He not only found the perfect cat at Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, but he found his future wife — a fellow BFF volunteer — there as well!

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Karen Ramanand

The cats and dogs in Karen Ramanand’s life have helped her through some challenging days. So Karen always knew that once she retired, she would volunteer at an animal shelter. “I’ve had moments when things were tough,” she said. “But the pets I’ve had were always there to give me refuge and comfort.” After 27 years working in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, Karen was finally able to make her dream come true, and we are thrilled that she chose North Shore Animal League America as the place where she wanted to devote her time.

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Linda Stio

Linda has an innate drive to help others, evidenced by her 37 years working as a nurse. Her desire to nurture and protect does not stop with people, however. Linda is busy caring for the feral cats in her neighborhood and beyond — and changing their lives for the better.

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