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Benefits of Senior Pet Adoption

A new puppy or kitten is sure to put a smile on your face, but a dog or cat in its golden years can do the same thing, and make the pet parenting process much easier.

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National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats have been at the center of superstitions and folklore for centuries. They bring bad luck. They’re evil. They’re witches – too often these silly myths have caused potential adopters to overlook black cats as they wait to find responsible, loving homes. At North Shore Animal League America we realize the color of an Read More

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Adopt A Walking Buddy®

As the thermometer drops, many people head indoors, giving up on regular exercise routines. Cold weather often means running shoes get hung up, bicycles go to the back of the garage and the garden tools are placed in the shed. How can people stay motivated to exercise during those cold, winter months? Finding a Read More

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Adopting the Right Dog

Every dog in the shelter can provide you with endless love and companionship, and every dog deserves a loving, responsible home. But some dogs are better for you and your lifestyle than others. That's why you should take the time to make a thoughtful choice. After all, you're choosing your new best friend, who'll Read More

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Adopting the Right Cat

Cats make wonderful pets. They can be less demanding and can easily adjust to a variety of lifestyles and living spaces.  Every cat is a true individual, so it's important to take the time to choose the friend who's right for you. A cat's personality and age, as well as the kinds of pets Read More

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Why Adopt? Adoption vs. Pet Store

With Pet Adoption, You Find Your New Best Friend and You Save a Life. Tragically, 2,000,000 animals are destroyed each year in the U.S.  That’s a shocking and little-known statistic. As the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, we continuously take animals out of harm’s way—whether it’s rescuing them from other shelters Read More

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How to Introduce Your New Dog To Your Other Pets

Thinking of adopting a dog or puppy? There’s nothing better than rescuing a Mutt-i-gree®, one of the wonderful companion animals available at shelters. But if you already have a pet or pets as part of your household, it’s important to know the best way to introduce your new canine to his housemates. Making the Read More

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Kids And Pets – A Perfect Match

Pets play such an incredible role in children’s lives. Studies show that children raised with pets show many benefits. Pets teach life lessons that stay into adulthood and have a monumental impact in a child’s development. The experts at North Shore Animal League America would like to express just how beneficial pets can be Read More

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Mixed Breed Dogs vs Purebred Dogs

Dogs fall into one of two categories: purebreds or mixed breeds – dogs that we call Mutt-i-grees®. Adopt an Amazing Mixed-Breed Mutt-i-gree® While a mixed-breed dog has a more diverse genetic makeup than a purebred dog, the size, appearance, and temperament of most mixed-breed dogs can be well predicted. After all, mixed breeds are Read More

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