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How do I get my dog back?

So I adopted a dog from a local humane society paid the adoption fee. The director decided that she wasn't a good fit for me and made me bring her back. I felt like I was robbed of the adoption fee. Is there a lawsuit?

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Dog given to me by ex-boyfriend, now he wants dog back.

I have a bit of a complicated situation. My ex adopted a dog about 4 years ago. We started dating about a year and a half ago. About halfway through the relationship, we decided to part ways and he insisted that I keep the dog as he felt he would “hurt her” and he didn’t want her. I tried to support him and his mental health and insisted that she was his and he continued to try and push me to take the dog and I finally said yes. I brought her to the vet and found out she had gotten Lyme disease (he was not giving her tick or heart worm preventatives) so I treated that as well as her skin issues from allergies. This is all back about 6 months ago and now he is stating he wants the dog back and he was in a bad mental state. What can I do? Do I even have a case if he had the dog for 2 years before I even entered the picture?

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Foster parenting rights

Only a week ago, I verbally agreed to foster a 2 mo old puppy, that is special needs. She blind, and deaf. We have made great strides in her development. Just days after getting her, they contacted me to see if we were going to keep her or if they should put her up for adoption. At first I was very hesitant and unsure what I was going to do. So I said yes they could post her. The next day they had found a home for her with kids. And I decided it wasn't in the puppy's best interest, with her disabilities. Now they say no, I can't keep her. They want to spay her @ 2 months old, and 2 days later ship her off to Virginia. Again at the best interest of the puppy. I said no. Do I as a foster parent have the right to keep her?

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How can I get back a cat I surrendered if he was adopted?

I have surrendered my cat because I thought I was moving away to a different state, and I couldn't drive 20 hours or more with him in the car. Later, something changed and I didn't have to move anymore, and my son wants the kitty back because he misses him so much. He feels sad every week from not having his cat. I contacted the place where I surrendered my cat and they told me he was adopted and they won't let us see him. How can I get my cat back if he was adopted?

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Failure to Comply with Adoption Contract

I am the director of a 501c3 animal rescue. We have an adopter that is failing to comply with our spay/neuter agreement within our adoption contract that was signed at the time of adoption. They have been avoiding all methods of contact for over 60 days. I’m hoping to find out what the best avenue to hopefully gain compliance would be? While our contract states failure to comply is grounds for removal of the animal from their home, we’d really prefer not to go to that extreme.

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Is rescue adoption agreement clause legal?

Many rescue groups in the Midwest include a clause in the agreement that they claim is legally binding. The clause prohibits an adopter from giving the dog to anyone else and indicates that one must return him/her to the rescue group if one must relinquish the dog. Is this legal?

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