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Can I adopt a dog I found and surrendered?

I found a dog in the grass near the road at night and was worried about her. She had a collar on but no identifying information, and she was very scared. I brought her home so she’d be safe, and the next morning I brought her to our local Humane Society. They scanned for a microchip, and finding none, had me sign a surrender form so they could take her for a five day hold to find the owner or see if she is a candidate for adoption. I can’t stop thinking about her, and if possible I’d like to adopt her. Will I be able to do so after signing a surrender form— considering she wasn’t my dog when I surrendered her?

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Requesting to see my surrendered cat.

I have surrendered my cat to a no-kill shelter because I had to move out of the state and because I was having some health problems at the time and I couldn't take care of it. Since I haven't moved yet and I am still in Las Vegas, NV, I have asked to see my cat because my son and I, we miss him. The shelter told me that he has been adopted within the same month when I surrendered, and that they can't give me information of the adopter person for privacy purpose. I have not asked for the Adopter's address or anything related, I've asked if they can call the person who adopted my pet to let me see the pet one more time or send me a picture of him because I miss him that bad. They are not even returning my calls or emails back. I feel they have no right to treat people's feelings like that. What can I do?

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Should I help cousin adopt a cat?

My cousin is requesting me to adopt a cat for her and she will keep him. She cannot get him because she lives in an apartment and they are requesting an actual house. I am allergic to cats and although I love them, I do not want the legal responsibilities if she decides she no longer wants him. Is this okay or should I just let it be?

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Shelter adopted out my service animal.

I'm a musician (touring artist) and had my service animal staying with my mother for a bit as I was traveling. She lost the dog, when the shelter received the dog, they adopted it in three days. My every attempt to locate my dog has been thwarted and denied by the shelter even though they didn't go through proper protocol. The dog is microchipped and registered as a service animal in my name. Is there anything I can do?

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Can dog shelter force me to neuter my dog?

I adopted my dog in August 2019. I tried to get him fixed but because of Covid, the appointment was canceled. I since then decided to mate him with a friend's dog. Can they take the dog away if I signed a document that I had to neuter him?

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Adopting a Bengal kitten off Craigslist.

I found someone on Craigslist with Bengal kittens they are looking to rehome. We live in Denver CO. I'm just making sure it's not illegal to pay this person money in exchange for a Bengal kitten. I know some states have strict rules about adopting pets.

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Surrender of dog

We adopted a great Pyrenees and he has anxiety issues and aggression towards our smaller dogs and cat. We would like to fix this behavior but cannot work with our local rescue organization to do so because of the adoption contract.

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Adopted sick dog

My mom and I adopted this wonderful dog not that long ago from a shelter. The day we brought her home we noticed she was urinating non-stop. We took her to the vet and the vet prescribed her an antibiotic. A few days later the urine didn't stop so we called the vet again.

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