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My dog is being held for falsely being accused of biting someone.

My dog is being kept by Animal Control for falsely being accused of biting someone. Hearing has been completed and past the 7 days as stated by the hearing for the results. Ten days and no results, and they still have my dog in isolated confinement. No walks, visitors, we can drop off treats & a toy, which we did, but we get no status on how our dog is. Seems to be animal cruelty the way they are treating my dog with being falsely accused. We have done all that we were asked to do on the list to return our dog back to us, but they are still holding on to him.

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Animal control took my puppy.

I have a 9-week-old puppy who is very accident-prone and often hurts himself. I take him to the vet every time. This last time, the vet decided after we left that she thought we were not going to get the dog the surgery he needed and suspected we were abusing the dog. The next day, animal control and the police were here and took the dog. How do I go about getting my puppy back, and what can and can't they do? They don’t have any proof.

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My lost cat got neutered.

My male cat is an indoor cat, but one day he got out, and four days later, he showed up, having been trapped, neutered, and then released. I noticed his ear has been tipped, and he has been neutered. What can I do legally about this?

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Suspected neglect and injury case.

Ten days ago, I took my friend's brother's dog to get emergency care as she needed stitches for a laceration on her paw. No family members were willing to take her in during her recovery. The injury resulted from broken glass on the floor, which is standard for the home. The house was filthy, with mud caking the floors, garbage ripped up everywhere, and the brothers are suspected of being involved in drug activities inside the house.

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Retrieving fees.

I am trying to find out what the fee is for me to get my dog out of the pound. He was taken from my friend's house because she got arrested.

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Can animal control take my dog from my apartment?

My wife and I recently adopted a 4-year-old dog, and on the first day in the new place, the dog was barking until I came home because I had to leave work early to deal with it. The woman who runs the admissions office said tenants threatened to call animal control, and they would have to let them in. Are they legally allowed to take the dog if it is barking all day in the apartment away from anyone else?

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Rights of owner.

How can a city force you to remove your dog's testicles or force you to pay to keep them? My dog got picked up, and the shelter said those are my only choices, or he gets put down if I'm not willing to do either.

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