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Suspected neglect and injury case.

Ten days ago, I took my friend's brother's dog to get emergency care as she needed stitches for a laceration on her paw. No family members were willing to take her in during her recovery. The injury resulted from broken glass on the floor, which is standard for the home. The house was filthy, with mud caking the floors, garbage ripped up everywhere, and the brothers are suspected of being involved in drug activities inside the house.

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Retrieving fees.

I am trying to find out what the fee is for me to get my dog out of the pound. He was taken from my friend's house because she got arrested.

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Can animal control take my dog from my apartment?

My wife and I recently adopted a 4-year-old dog, and on the first day in the new place, the dog was barking until I came home because I had to leave work early to deal with it. The woman who runs the admissions office said tenants threatened to call animal control, and they would have to let them in. Are they legally allowed to take the dog if it is barking all day in the apartment away from anyone else?

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Rights of owner.

How can a city force you to remove your dog's testicles or force you to pay to keep them? My dog got picked up, and the shelter said those are my only choices, or he gets put down if I'm not willing to do either.

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My neighbor live trapped my cat and dumped them

How do I take legal action against my neighbor for live trapping my house cat of 7 years, along with a raccoon, and dumping them off in the middle of nowhere? The neighbor, whose yard the traps were set in, told me exactly what happened. The police aren't returning any phone calls, and I'm getting nowhere with animal control. What is the next step?

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Animal control took my livestock guardian dog

My dog was guarding my chickens and ducks. She was alone on the property for two weeks while we were moving. I drove back every other day to refresh water and food. The ducks drank out of my dog's water dish and got dirt in it, and the chickens also scratched around and got dirt in their water. They insisted that my animals' water had not been changed in weeks when, in reality, I was there and changed the water the day before. They took my dog, ducks, and chickens on the day I was coming to move them to our new home (the day after the first visit).

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My dog was stolen

My dog was stolen, and a police report was filed. Animal control found her and took her to the shelter. They never posted anything about finding her, nor did they scan her for a microchip. Thirteen days later, they contacted me via social media after seeing a post I had made about my missing dog. I explained that she was stolen and that I had a police report, but they said they didn't care about the report and that I had to pay a $200 impound fee plus $15 per day. I don't have that much money, and even if I did, are they legally allowed to require me to pay in order to get my stolen dog back?

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Severe neglect.

A neighbor down the road has a larger dog tied to a tree with about a 2-foot or less strap. The dog can't even stand up, has no water, and is lying in a mud hole. I have contacted animal control, but nothing is being done. What can I do to help this neglected, tortured dog? It can't even stand to pee or poop. It's such a sad situation; the dog looks so sad and has no hope of any kind. It breaks my heart. It's been like this for weeks now, and I walk by every day on my walk.

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