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Animal control took my dogs.

How can I get my dogs back including a service dog? The county has not charged me with anything yet has taken my dogs whom are healthy & well loved.

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I want my dog back.

My dog is at an animal shelter in Washington state because animal control told me they have to take him for now due to a incident where two people were bit by him. Now animal control is calling me asking me to surrender my dog to them. I haven't given them an answer yet. What are my options? Can I get my dog back?

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Should I have to pay Humane Society to get my dogs back?

My three dogs were let out of our fenced in yard while I was in our house. I noticed it within an hour when I went to go let them back in. My neighbors, who I think let them out in the first place, called the pound and now the pound wants to charge me $240 to get my pets back, and they've had them for a whole couple of hours. I had them penned in properly, why should I have to pay such large amount of fees to get my animals back?

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Previous owners trying to take back microchipped dog.

We were giving a dog three years ago. The previous owner had the dog chipped. We went on vacation and the dog ran away from our dog sitter. Now the previous owner is trying to take possession from the Humane Society. What do I do?

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Is there any way to get my dog back?

Is there anyway to get my dog back? I surrendered my little dog 6-3-2020. I wanted to reclaim my dog, and I went back within 24 hours, but the shelter had already adopted him out.

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Is it illegal to spay a pregnant dog?

I went in to our animal protective league yesterday and I saw the cutest little Chihuahua. It wasn’t available because it wasn’t spayed yet until after the new year. The dog appeared to be pregnant and the worker confirmed she was. I told the worker you can’t spay this dog when it is pregnant, and she said yes we do. Does this not fall under Trumps new cruelty to animals law?

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How can I get my dog back ASAP?

The police did a welfare check on me and then I went to the hospital for about 2 hours. When I got home my dog was gone. I originally thought my friend came by for me to watch her until I was out. I called to tell my friend I was home and she could drop my dog off, but turns out she didn't have her. I immediately called Animal Control to find out of they have her. They did and that's when I was informed they were called there by the police to get my dog.

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Was my cat killed?

I signed a surrender contract under great emotional distress, not of sound mind or body and duress, not knowing what I was signing and being pressured to do so by the shelter cat care coordinator. I trusted this shelter was no kill, but as soon as I found out they are a high kill shelter I went back and asked to have my cat back because I feared for his safety.

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