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An animal shelter gave my friend’s dog away to a rescue.

A friend of mine had a dog that was missing. She contacted all the local shelters and dog pounds. One of the shelters didn't return her calls. Finally she was able to speak to someone, and they said they didn't have her dog. A few days later they called her back saying they gave her dog to a rescue because she didn't claim the dog. She asked what rescue, but they refused to tell her where they sent her dog. What can she do? I advised her to contact the police department and file a report and screenshots of all her incoming and outgoing calls to them. What else can she do legally?

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Can I adopt dogs with an ongoing animal cruelty case?

Recently a person had asked me to watch her 4 dogs while she was on vacation. I had a key to the house. Once I saw the condition of the dogs and what they were living in, I had to do something. There was one puppy (she previously offered to me) that was very nervous and scared. I bathed the puppy and took her. I let the owner know I took the dog, and I told her that we had to have a serious talk when she returned. She was okay with me taking the dog at that time. Once she returned home, I explained to her that I could not and would not act like I didn't see the conditions of the dogs and what they were living in. I offered to help her get the living conditions in order (at the time the person was my friend and I wanted to avoid getting authorities involved). Once I had this conversation, she called the cops on me and the cops came to take the dog. I explained to the cops why I took the dog and wanted to set a plan to help the others. I had a photo that I took of the conditions the dogs were living in. Animal control then went and took all of the dogs. and I had to return the one I had to the shelter. I took classes and volunteer at the shelter to see this dog during the court process. One dog has passed away since being in the shelter. They have been in the shelter going on 4 months now. Is there a certain time frame before the shelter can claim the dog as their property and allow her to be adoptable, or do I have to keep waiting? Everyone at the shelter knows that I want to adopt her, and this puppy is getting worse with every day she is in the shelter. I want to be able to get her out of there as soon as possible. Is there any action I can take to quicken the process?

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Humane Society wants me to pay a fee.

My cat was brought to The Humane Society (he escaped in the morning and someone brought him in) and they are now trying to charge me $80 to get him back. They dewormed him, and gave him flee treatment (that’s why they want to charge me), but they did not have my permission to do so, and I can’t afford to buy him back. Is there anything I can do?

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My dog was given to the wrong owner.

The dog shelter gave my dog to the wrong person. This person claimed that they were the owner when they weren't, and I want my dog back. What can I do if the shelter won't resolve this?

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My wife’s medical dog was taken by police.

My wife has a medical dog for anxiety and depression, and she was pulled over and brought to jail for six days. Three days after she went to jail, her 17-year-old daughter, who had the dog in a motel, was leaving the state and called Humane Society to pick up the dog because she couldn't bring the dog with her. When my wife was released she called Humane Society to retrieve the dog, but the rep on the phone informed her that the dog was taken by the police and will be used as a cop dog. The Humane Society later called and said they put the dog to sleep. The dog is registered as a medical dog and wasn't taken on grounds of abuse. She went to the building to demand answers about the dog. The Humane Society expected her to show up and had a police officer meet her outside of the building to threaten to put her back in jail if she didn't leave. I believe someone is lying, and I feel like a family member has been kidnapped by the only people that can help me. What can I do?

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How do I get my cat back?

I gave up my cat to the lady who fostered her earlier. I now realize that I made a huge mistake, and I want her back now. What are my options?

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Can I take legal action to get a dog back from a shelter?

I found three puppies on a road, and I took them home. Two of them were sick and showed signs of parvo when we found them. We brought these two to the shelter, but at different times. The person that assisted us said we should have brought all three in. My grandma informed the shelter that I wanted to keep the third dog, and we said that I would take her to the vet. The lady said I could keep her as long as she gets to the vet as soon as possible. Later, when I wasn't home, the animal shelter came to my door and told my grandma they had to take my dog. My grandma wouldn't let them until they threatened to take her dogs too. Without my permission or knowledge, they came in, took my dog, and relocated her, and they will not give me any information to get her back. Can I take legal actions?

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My dog attacked another dog. Am I responsible for the medical bill?

My neighbor's dog is always outside off a leash barking at people. Last week my dog got out of the house and attacked her dog after her dog was on our side of the pavement. When my dog got out, her dog ran home, and my dog ran after her. She took her dog to the vet and she has a $455 bill. Should I be responsible for the bill?

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