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Severe neglect.

A neighbor down the road has a larger dog tied to a tree with about a 2-foot or less strap. The dog can't even stand up, has no water, and is lying in a mud hole. I have contacted animal control, but nothing is being done. What can I do to help this neglected, tortured dog? It can't even stand to pee or poop. It's such a sad situation; the dog looks so sad and has no hope of any kind. It breaks my heart. It's been like this for weeks now, and I walk by every day on my walk.

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I live in a mobile home park where we have a lot of strays. The people who live beside me are trapping them. One day, they had a cat in the trap for eight hours. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to release the cat, but I don't think it's legal to go onto someone else's property. Two weeks later, there was another cat in a trap. I just looked out, and they have set the trap again. I'm afraid they are going to trap someone's cat that is being taken care of but is allowed to roam. Even though all pets are supposed to be leashed, people still let them roam. Should I call the humane league? I love cats, and this breaks my heart.

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My neighbor’s dog keeps getting into our yard and attacking our dog.

We have been having issues with our neighbor's dog jumping into our yard, even though our house is fenced. This same dog has even bitten me on the face and near the eye, and the neighbors have done nothing about it. A year later, we got a new male dog, a Pitbull mix who has been sterilized. However, I noticed that his mood and energy have drastically decreased and he isn't his old self. I later saw our neighbor's small male dog through the window trying to hump my dog, which ended up attacking it on our doorstep. This isn't the first time their dog has attacked ours. We have been telling the neighbors about their dog for years, but their dog still manages to get into our yard. I fear for my dog's life because he doesn't even try to defend himself.

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Animal control taking dog.

Animal control received a complaint about a dog that is under my watch but the real owner(landlord) doesn't live with with us. Animal control gave me 24 hours to have her taken to vet and have paperwork results sent to them or they will take the dog and charge me with neglect or abuse. Is that legal? And what can I do to keep the dog?

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Animal control took my dogs.

How can I get my dogs back including a service dog? The county has not charged me with anything yet has taken my dogs whom are healthy & well loved.

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I want my dog back.

My dog is at an animal shelter in Washington state because animal control told me they have to take him for now due to a incident where two people were bit by him. Now animal control is calling me asking me to surrender my dog to them. I haven't given them an answer yet. What are my options? Can I get my dog back?

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Should I have to pay Humane Society to get my dogs back?

My three dogs were let out of our fenced in yard while I was in our house. I noticed it within an hour when I went to go let them back in. My neighbors, who I think let them out in the first place, called the pound and now the pound wants to charge me $240 to get my pets back, and they've had them for a whole couple of hours. I had them penned in properly, why should I have to pay such large amount of fees to get my animals back?

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Previous owners trying to take back microchipped dog.

We were giving a dog three years ago. The previous owner had the dog chipped. We went on vacation and the dog ran away from our dog sitter. Now the previous owner is trying to take possession from the Humane Society. What do I do?

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