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Darla’s Journey

Year after year, our rescue efforts have a transformative impact on the lives of homeless animals and the people who love them. On a special mission this spring – one of several conducted through our ongoing partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue – we saved the lives of 50 dogs and puppies, including a beautiful 7-year-old Golden Retriever named Darla, whose trauma encapsulates both the cruelty of commercial breeding facilities and the power of nurturing to provide hope.

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A Beacon of Hope for Quartz

The unwavering commitment of North Shore Animal League America to save every life knows no bounds. This was never more true than for Quartz, who at just weeks old needed all of our resources to survive. Warning, some images may be heartbreaking.

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Journey Home Took Five Years and Nearly Ten Thousand Miles

It’s easy to forget that in some corners of the world, dogs are considered pests to be exterminated, or, horrifically, sold as food at meat markets. Five years ago, as part of our rescue efforts to save street dogs in Thailand, Max made the long journey from Phuket to our Port Washington, NY campus.

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Love Lost and Found

At North Shore Animal League America, we are specialists in healing broken hearts and spirits. For ten-year-old black Labrador Kimber and her new adopted family, finding each other made this holiday season especially joyful.

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Finding Hope in the Face of Cruelty

A victim of senseless violence, tender-hearted Adrienne survived being shot in the face but has not given up the will to live. With a gentle purr and an outstretched paw, Adrienne is showing us he still has a lot of love to give.

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The Heart of Fostering

It takes a special type of person to foster a pet, someone with a big heart — a heart that is open to loving and caring for a pet while knowing that they will one day have to give it up. In January we welcomed a young pup named Maggie, who spent several weeks being fostered by the Duncan family in Louisiana, where she bonded with the youngest member of the family, 6-year-old Roman. Even though he knew he could not keep her, Roman gave Maggie all the love she needed – and Maggie gave him the same. And when it was time, Roman helped Maggie find her perfect home thousands of miles away.

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All They Need is Love…and You!

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, North Shore Animal League America, like other shelters across the country, experienced a wave of people wishing to foster or adopt dogs and cats. However, we also noticed that there was a shift in which types of animals were getting adopted faster — wonderfully, it was those who were often overlooked because they had special needs.

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A Match Made in Heaven

Where is my human? Nothing made sense to Ruby, an eleven-year-old lab mix, who suddenly found herself amid the other dogs at North Shore Animal League America. Adopted from Animal League America as a puppy, she lived a happy and comfortable life with her family until early this year. Ruby’s owner passed away, and his wife entered a nursing home and was unable to care for her.

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Paralyzed Hound Gets New Life at Animal League America

Zeus, a sweet, lovable Hound mix, was rushed to North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers in critical condition. His back legs were suddenly paralyzed and he couldn’t take even a single step on his own. “Zeus presented to the Pet Health Centers unable to use his back legs. Our main concern was getting him the specialty care he needed as soon as possible. With spinal injuries, treatments must be started immediately or they may not work,” stated Dr. Katarina Valen, Staff Veterinarian. “Despite this, he wagged his tail and gave out generous kisses to everyone who walked by.”

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A Long Journey to Find the Perfect Families

Klinger and Radar — the last of the four dogs rescued from a dog meat farm in Korea through North Shore Animal League America’s partnership with K9 Global Rescue — were adopted this year. Our Pet Behavior Team, having spent time helping them adjust to life in the U.S., was so happy and excited to see them go to their perfect homes.

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