Hurricane Dorian Rescue Efforts

///Hurricane Dorian Rescue Efforts

Rescue Team Returns Home with More than
50 New Mutt-i-grees

Monday, September 9, 2019

Our Rescue Team arrived back at our Port Washington, NY, campus late Sunday afternoon with more than 50 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens that were saved from the path of Hurricane Dorian and possible euthanasia. Staff and volunteers waited to comfort them and offer food, water, bedding and quiet places where they could rest after their long journey.


On Friday, just before they were due to drive back to New York, the team received an urgent call from Lakeside Animal Rescue, another shelter partner who had been dealing with flooding and the loss of electricity during the storm. They asked if Animal League America could pick up six puppies, with some medical issues, who were surrendered to an overcrowded municipal shelter before Dorian hit.

The team agreed to backtrack right away and pick up the pups in need. “These brother and sister Pitbull mixes were the products of backyard breeders who had plans to sell them for whatever purpose,” said Karla Agostinello, Rescue Coordinator. “They were clearly not taken care of since one female pup has very bad Demodex, a type of mange, and all of them have skin conditions.  These puppies aren’t very social and need to learn what a human touch is.” Now these pups will get the urgent medical care they need, and the compassion they deserve.

With all these animals now safe and sound at our Adoption Center, our dedicated team will do everything possible to help them find the loving, responsible homes they deserve. Your support makes all this possible. Whether they are in need of medical attention, behavioral training, or just a gentle touch to let them know someone cares, your continued support of our lifesaving mission makes it happen.

Rescue Team Arrives to Aid Shelters in Dorian’s Path

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Rescue Team is on standby waiting out the storm, with 45 homeless animals aboard our Mobile Rescue Unit, making the total more than 50 animals taken out of harm’s way. Meanwhile the Rescue Department remains in touch with any shelters that may still need our help.

On Wednesday morning, our team rendezvoused with a volunteer from the Outer Banks SPCA and loaded both cats and dogs aboard our Mobile Rescue Unit before the evacuation began. The SPCA was grateful to know that those animals would be safe and very thankful for the donated supplies.

By late afternoon, the team arrived in South Carolina and met with staff from Horry County Animal Care Center. The team unloaded supplies and was able to take several dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, which opened up spots for animals that would be coming in displaced by the hurricane. Given the circumstances and overcrowded conditions, these animals would likely have been euthanized. Now they are safe and will soon be on their way back to our no-kill campus.

The Rescue Team was also able to distribute supplies to another shelter, Whiskers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, before heading away to safer ground.

These lifesaving rescues would never be possible without the support of our generous community of animal lovers. A donation today to support our rescue relief efforts will save more lives tomorrow, and well into the future.

Rescue Efforts Kick into High Gear Ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

As Hurricane Dorian made its way to the Caribbean, we began reaching out to our partner shelters to offer assistance to those expected to be in the path of this devastating storm.  In emergencies like this, shelters will often request that we take their homeless animals to make room for those displaced from their families.

Turks and Caicos SPCA sent nine puppies that flew in ahead of Hurricane Dorian by a privately funded plane to New Hampshire. Two Turks and Caicos SPCA volunteers drove the pups to Connecticut to meet our Mobile Rescue Unit, and the pups were then driven safely to the Animal League America campus in Port Washington, NY.  Upon arrival, the two oldest puppies were checked immediately because they had wounds around their necks from being found chained to a fence on the island.

Meanwhile, we held a donation drive over the weekend for much needed supplies. “We received so many donations of supplies from the community!” exclaimed Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Operations. “Everyone has been great. As we were loading the donated items on our Mobile Rescue Unit, more and more people kept pulling up with supplies for both the animals and for the people.”

On Tuesday, September 3rd, our Rescue Team was deployed and they plan to arrive in South Carolina by Wednesday. Depending upon Hurricane Dorian’s track, the first stop will be at the Outer Banks SPCA in North Carolina then it’s on to Hoory County Animal Care Center in South Carolina. In both stops, Animal league America will provide supplies and take on as many animals as we can.

After this, the plan is for the Rescue Team to make their way far enough inland to hunker down and escape the worst of the storm. By then, Dorian will have passed through or near Florida and they will be following up with our partners to help in any way possible. At present, a second rescue unit stands at the ready to transfer any animals back to New York while the first unit heads further south.

As we head into hurricane season, our Rescue Team is ready to help whenever, and wherever, we can. But we can’t do it alone. Your support makes it possible for us to take animals out of harm’s way and give them the opportunity to find loving, responsible homes. Please donate today to help us save more lives tomorrow.

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Your donation today to support our rescue relief efforts will help us save more animals affected by natural disasters.

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More Ways to Help Our Shelter Partners

Many of our partner shelters are currently in the path of Hurricane Dorian. They are currently preparing for this devastating storm to make landfall , as well as dealing with the eventual aftermath. This will include rescuing and taking in animals that found themselves displaced from their loved ones. Below is a listing of shelters that can use your support. Some have Amazon Wishlists where you can order items and send supplies directly to the areas in need.

Outer Banks SPCA
1031 Driftwood Drive
Manteo, NC 27954
Amazon Wishlist

Horry County Animal Care Center
1923 Industrial Park Road
Conway, SC 29526
Whiskers Animal Rescue and Sanctuary
3336 Highway 366
Loris, SC 29569