Hurricane Ida Canine Rescues Arrive to Helping Hands

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On Labor Day, 55 adorable canines exited our Mobile Rescue Unit into the bright sunshine, and into the helping hands of dozens of North Shore Animal League America volunteers and staff. These precious dogs and puppies now have a second chance at life with help from our shelter partner, Paws4Life. They were rescued from Louisiana-area shelters in advance of Hurricane Ida, in order to make room for animals displaced by the storm.

“Working with Paws4Life, we could help shelters in the Gulf Coast region have room for more animals, and distribute critical supplies,” said Sylvia Ottaka, Senior Director of Rescue & Community Outreach. “The tri-state area really stepped up with donations of cleaning supplies, water, and pet supplies that filled our Mobile Unit from floor to ceiling.” It will take time for the hardest-hit areas to emerge from the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Ida, and we will be making additional trips over the next month to bring vital supplies, as well as to transport animals back to our area.

Your donation today will help our Rescue Team continue to answer the call to help get animals out of harm’s way, whenever and wherever they are needed.


None of the recent arrivals were more enthusiastic to see our campus than pregnant Lulu, a gorgeous Black Lab mix. As she snuggled up to Rescue Team Leader Ted Moriates, she seemed to give a sigh of relief, having narrowly avoided a death sentence. “Lulu is close to giving birth, and we learned she was slated to be euthanized,” Ted explained. “Many shelters in that region just don’t have the space for pregnant animals and their puppies. I told her she is going to be ok now.” In fact, within hours after arriving to campus and happily settling into her foster home, Lulu knew it was finally time and began to deliver her litter!

Meanwhile, the rest of Lulu’s traveling companions will have visits with Animal League America veterinarians and behaviorists to ensure they are healthy and ready to find a loving home. The ongoing partnership between Animal League America and Paws4Life has resulted in the rescue of more than 1,300 animals since last year — a number that doubles when considering the space we can open up for our shelter partners to save the lives of additional animals. We will continue being there for the animals who need us, like Lulu and her new pups, and hope to show them only blue skies ahead.

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