Saving Pets’ Lives in the Wake of Hurricane Laura

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As Hurricane Laura was developing into a real threat, our Emergency Rescue Team began reaching out to our partner shelters in Louisiana and Texas to see what help we could provide. As always, supplies were at the top of the list, and clearing the shelters of as many homeless dogs and cats as we could to make room for those that would be displaced from their homes and families by this devastating storm.

With no time to waste, an appeal went out on social media and our website for an emergency collection of the supplies needed. As expected, our generous supporters did not fail to answer the call. Before long our Mobile Rescue Unit was packed full of bags of food, water, towels, bowls, beds, leashes, collars and so much more. Then our team set out on their lifesaving journey.

When they arrived in Louisiana their first stop was Paws4Life in Shreveport. Working with Bossier City Animal Shelter, Paws4Life helps finding local rescues to take their cats and dogs before it’s too late. Tanya Parker, President of Paws4Life, told Karla Agostinello, NSALA Rescue Manager, that only 16 out of 50 kennels were available due to renovations and the shelter needed help.

“As soon as our Paws4Life team clears the shelter and transports the animals, the kennels are full within 48 hours with strays and dogs waiting on an intake list,” said Tanya. “In addition, the shelter has had very few adoptions since COVID-19 due to lack of allowed off-site adoptions and limited appointment-only adoptions.”

Your support will make sure our Emergency Rescue Team is always ready to help homeless animals whenever disaster strikes.


After dropping off much-needed supplies, another local organization arrived hoping for some assistance. The Pet Pantry of Northwest Louisiana was able to load their vehicle up with food as well. The manager was in tears saying that they did not have enough food left for the huge region that they serve.

Later our team would meet up with TOTS Animal Rescue, from northern Louisiana. They work out of a veterinary clinic that was still out of power from the hurricane, and had four tiny puppies that they’d found in a dumpster. They were thrilled we could take them back with us to a better life.

Once back on the road, the team headed to Polk County SPCA in Livingston, Texas. Here they unloaded the rest of their supplies and picked up more homeless animals, including a mama cat and her five nursing kittens.

Unfortunately, the team couldn’t go any further down into Texas due to the flooding and lack of power, but our team continues to reach out to shelters and rescue groups in the area.

After delivering over 1,000 pounds of food and supplies, our Mobile Rescue Unit arrived back at our Port Washington, NY campus, filled with 36 puppies and dogs and 28 kittens and cats. These new Mutt-i-grees will be evaluated by our veterinary staff, pampered and puffed by our groomers, and soon find their way into loving, responsible homes.

This lifesaving mission would not have been possible without the generous support of our rescue relief efforts. Your continued support makes it possible to take homeless animals out of harm’s way and brought to the safety of our no-kill campus.

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