Resilient Canine Survives Horror and Inspires Us All

///Resilient Canine Survives Horror and Inspires Us All

Looking into her big, gentle brown eyes, you would never guess what cruelty this sweet dog has suffered.

While living in Louisiana, Jabba was neglected and left tied up outside for months on end. When her back leg became wrapped in some wire, her owners did nothing to help her. The wire became so tight that it cut off circulation to the leg, and soon the limb died. After Jabba was eventually rescued through the efforts of a compassionate neighbor, they had part of the limb removed. But Jabba’s challenges continued when they found she was pregnant.

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Thankfully, Jabba and her litter of four healthy puppies arrived recently at North Shore Animal League America — part of a much larger rescue mission organized with the help of our Louisiana-based animal rescue partner, Paws4Life. In total, 12 dogs, 32 puppies, and 16 felines traveled to the safety of our Port Washington, NY campus and are now receiving thorough medical check-ups and special grooming care.

Paws4Life coordinates with many area shelters throughout the South to help us bring more animals in need to Animal League America. Animals like Jabba, who in turn inspire us and will bring so much joy to lives of their new families.

Jabba has impressed everyone already with her affectionate and friendly nature. She maneuvers well on three legs, and our medical team will evaluate Jabba to see if she needs any surgical intervention for her rear leg stump. Fortunately it won’t be long before Jabba can put her painful past behind her and get a fresh start in a home of her own.

Jabba shows us what it means to have an unconquerable spirit. Your support shows Jabba that love and kindness exist.

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