Rescued Parvo Pups Are Reminder of Pet Responsibility

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Our Freed Special Recovery Center recently welcomed Boone and Doc, pair of Siberian Husky-mix puppies in need of emergency medical treatment for parvovirus. These young brothers suffered from neglect, and would likely have perished without intervention. Thankfully our team at the North Country Initiative Adirondack Cat Adoption Center in Warren County, NY, rescued them, and with the help of your support, Boone and Doc now have better days ahead.

Both of these adorable and resilient pups had been living in the same negligent and irresponsible household as a previous parvo dog we rescued, Baby Girl. Baby Girl receiving IV fluids in our Freed Special Recovery Center. Their tragic circumstances — avoidable with standard vaccinations — serve as a reminder that taking an animal into your home is a significant, lifelong commitment. The primary reasons people abandon their pets in shelters include behavior problems, change in family housing, incompatibility with the family’s lifestyle and unrealistic expectations. A pet can live 15-20 years and there will undoubtedly be unplanned expenses. Pet insurance can be a helpful tool to help owners protect both their animals and their savings. The reward of unconditional love far outweighs the cost, but the decision to adopt a pet needs to be made thoughtfully.

Boone is heading to his forever home! Fortunately, Boone and Doc were able to get the attention and care they need. Boone was doing well in treatment. So well, in fact, that he was soon cleared for adoption into a wonderful home. Doc has not fared so well and continues to require more intervention. According to Dr. Mark Verdino, Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff, “Doc is still suffering from nausea and persistent diarrhea. His vitals are stable, so we are going to provide additional symptomatic treatments to help him feel better as he hopefully fights off the virus.” In addition to antibiotics, our protocol to treat parvovirus includes anti-nausea medication, anti-diarrheals, appetite stimulants, and pain management.

This level of medical care is costly, but we will do whatever we can to make sure this sweet pup returns to full health. Please donate today to help Doc in his fight to survive. Your partnership ensures other neglected dogs just like Boone and Doc don’t suffer needlessly, and find the responsible, loving families they deserve.

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