Can I get out of my vet contract?

I have an annual vet contract for my dog. I pay $20 a month. This is supposed to cover teeth cleaning, three check ups, etc. I have not been happy with the care they are giving my dog and want to get out of the contract, but the office says I cannot get out of it. I have six months left. I do not want to return to this office, yet I will be out $120 if I don’t go back. Can they legally keep me in that contract? What recourse do I have?

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Exceptional Rescue Pups in Training

Nancy climbed into the playpen with the 8-week-old puppies, rescued by North Shore Animal League America and handpicked by the staff. She was looking for a pup that approached her and wanted attention from her, first and foremost, even more than he or she wanted to play with the other puppies. On this day, she found four rescued pups that just might have what it takes to become service dogs.

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Sisters at Heart: Puppy Mill Survivors Learn to Live at Last

Tessie and Jewel are puppy mill dogs who arrived on our Port Washington, N.Y. campus with one of our steadfast Mobile Rescue teams. The two Yorkies were tired and disheveled from a long journey. They snuggled together to face whatever the future held — at least they had each other. They surely seemed to be sisters-at-heart.

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Save 20% at Our Pet Store During Adopt A Cat Month*

Cats make wonderful companions at any age. They’re playful, cuddly and just plain fun! In honor of our furry feline friends we’re celebrating Adopt-A-Cat Month throughout the month of June. Adopt a cat this month and save 20% on all cat products at our Pet Supply Store.*

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Featured Adoptable Pet: Finley

The dog that Finley is today is so very different from the five-month-old puppy who arrived here from Thailand two years ago. She’s come such a long way, both in distance and behavior. Although still shy, she is sweet tempered and has started to learn to trust people. Now all she needs is a caring and patient family to go home with!

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Rescue Partnerships Come in All Sizes

People who rescue animals come from all walks of life and I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many caring rescuers. This time it’s a teeny baby, who was found by one of New York’s Finest, Officer Aubrey. She’s my latest heroine!

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Kathy DiLello

Kathy has a need to “nurture.” As a nurse, she’d worked in a pediatric office for many years and now she’s a technician with Northwell Health®, New York State’s largest health system. She knew she wanted to help medically needy dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens when she applied to be a volunteer at North Shore Animal League America in 2016.

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No-Kill Giving Day Items For Collection

Items For Collection General Supplies Newspapers Towels Pet Brushes/Combs Small Blankets Large Metal Serving Spoons Paper Towels Pet Carriers (new) Cat Toys Small Litter boxes Cat Toys Soft Cat Treats Scratching Posts Dog Toys Dog Beds Kong Toys or Nylabones Milk Bone Dog Biscuits Soft Dog Treats Read More

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