A Match Made in Heaven

Where is my human? Nothing made sense to Ruby, an eleven-year-old lab mix, who suddenly found herself amid the other dogs at North Shore Animal League America. Adopted from Animal League America as a puppy, she lived a happy and comfortable life with her family until early this year. Ruby’s owner passed away, and his wife entered a nursing home and was unable to care for her.

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Brave Kerrianne Weathers Heartbreak and Loss

In the face of a significant winter storm, our rescue team was determined to bring a pregnant tabby to the safety of North Shore Animal League America. Kerrianne was uncomfortable and due very soon. Alone and under great stress, she remained sweet and affectionate with all handlers.

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Hearts and Nuggets

I always say they have my heart. All of my sweet nuggets, no matter their age, their stories, or their quirky personalities — each one of them captures my heart in a unique way, and when they fly to their forever homes, they always take a piece of my heart with them.

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Moving Forward to a Brighter Future

Her entire life, Purry only knew the safety of a loving home and family. Suddenly, it was all ripped away. Purry’s owners packed up and left the country, leaving their sweet-natured, eight-year-old female cat behind — abandoned and alone. But this sweet senior still had a lot of love left to give.

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Overcoming Abuse, Daisy’s Spirit Shines On

Kicked repeatedly by her owner’s steel-toed boot, Daisy’s bones were left shattered, but not her puppy exuberance. This beautiful, 10-month-old pit bull lived through unspeakable horror as the victim of animal cruelty. Daisy arrived as part of our first rescue transport of 2021, from Paws4Life and the Bossier City Animal Shelter.

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New Year, New Lives to Save

People say that 2020 is the year we all want to forget...but will always remember. It’s true: 2020 was tough. But despite the challenges, I find myself remembering many of the year’s surprising silver linings, like the people who decided to make working from home truly meaningful by fostering homeless pets. And then there were all those great adoptions.

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New Mama and Puppies Hope for Better Days in New Year

As 2020 finally drew to a close, at North Shore Animal League America we once again witnessed that not even the smallest creatures could escape the hardship of this most difficult year. Pregnant and due any day, Audrey was rescued off the street by one of our partner shelters in Georgia, who then reached out to us for help. There was no time to waste, especially when pregnant dogs are often the first to be euthanized at overcrowded municipal shelters.

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Paralyzed Hound Gets New Life at Animal League America

Zeus, a sweet, lovable Hound mix, was rushed to North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers in critical condition. His back legs were suddenly paralyzed and he couldn’t take even a single step on his own. “Zeus presented to the Pet Health Centers unable to use his back legs. Our main concern was getting him the specialty care he needed as soon as possible. With spinal injuries, treatments must be started immediately or they may not work,” stated Dr. Katarina Valen, Staff Veterinarian. “Despite this, he wagged his tail and gave out generous kisses to everyone who walked by.”

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Ending the Year Saving and Changing Lives

As many are looking forward to the end of a year that has seen unprecedented loss, we at North Shore Animal League America are committed to our no-kill mission. For the month of December we expect to bring in almost 300 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. In a year where we have had to scale back our rescue missions due to the ongoing global pandemic, we did not stop our lifesaving work and continued to do all we could to save more animals.

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Down but Never Out, Daisy is in Full Bloom Now!

Daisy had struggled throughout all of her young life, which began in a puppy mill in the Midwest. When she arrived on our Mobile Rescue Unit in late March, our Veterinary team found that Daisy’s biggest struggle has yet begun — this one would mean the difference between life and death.

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