Finding Comfort Amid Sadness

On November 4, as I handed Lolavie to her smiling new parents, I thought about the beautiful trust she and I had built together during her time with me. And though I am thrilled for Lolavie, my joy is tinged with deep sadness and constant worry. Our Yoda has cancer, and Howard and I are devastated.

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Celebrating Veterinary Technicians Week

National Veterinary Technician Week, first celebrated in 1993, takes place the third week of October every year, and provides an opportunity to recognize the vital role our veterinary technicians play in ensuring the animals in our care receive the best possible medical care.

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October is Subaru Loves Pets Month

North Shore Animal League America is proud to partner with Subaru for their Subaru Loves Pets initiative, where retailers host adoption events to help dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens find loving, responsible homes.

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Animal Rescue is a Team Effort in Hurricane Ian Aftermath

One of the most destructive storms in Florida’s history, Hurricane Ian has left residents struggling in its wake. As always in times of crisis, North Shore Animal League America mobilized quickly to help, bringing people together and forging new bonds in the process.

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Going to the Dogs

October! The first full month of fall. The days grow shorter, leaves turn vibrant hues, and the cooler air seems almost to sparkle. It’s a month of migrating birds, harvest celebrations, and trick-or-treat. And for those of us whose lives involve animal rescue, it’s also a time dedicated to dogs and pet health and safety.

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Walkers & Waggers Take Manhattan!

Greeted by stunning views of the Hudson River, supporters of North Shore Animal League America gathered on a sunny Saturday morning on Pier 84 with their furry pals for the sixth annual Walk & Wag. The in-person event on September 17 served as the kickoff for the final two weeks of Walk & Wag fundraising. Virtual walkers participated from their own communities across the country, and those who showed up at Hudson River Park were able to enjoy vendors, snacks, and entertainment before embarking on the three-mile stroll along the waterfront.

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Hurricane Ian Relief

Our shelter partners along Florida’s southwest coast are facing the aftermath and clean-up of damage caused by Hurricane Ian and the subsequent storm surge. North Shore Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team is collecting relief supplies to be distributed to affected animal shelters in in the wake of this catastrophic storm. Supplies will be hard to come by in areas hit hardest by the hurricane. That's why we are reaching out to animal lovers in the Long Island and tristate region for help.

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October Adoption Special

If you're thinking about adopting a furry friend, now is the perfect time! We're waiving adoption fees for all dogs and cats older than six months through Monday, October 10 at our Port Washington, NY Adoption Centers to free up space for displaced animals we would like to help as a result of the hurricanes.

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Grief is Love Continuing

We know when they’re happy — that crook in the tail. We know when they’re angry — the flattened ears and the arched back. And we certainly know when they’re scared or annoyed — hiss! Our cats have rich emotional lives and we've learned to understand their eloquent body language. So, after Grogu died on August 4, I wasn’t surprised to see his best friend Yoda, grieving. But it broke my heart, just the same.

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Rescue Partnership Celebrates a Milestone

As our mobile rescue unit rolled onto our Port Washington, NY campus on Wednesday, August 10, with our dedicated staff standing by to receive the weary four-legged travelers, it seemed like just another day at North Shore Animal League America. But this was not just another day, nor was it just another rescue. This day marked the 50th rescue with our shelter partner, Paws4Life, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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