Wives and Girlfriends of the New York Islanders Make an Assist on an Emergency Rescue

///Wives and Girlfriends of the New York Islanders Make an Assist on an Emergency Rescue

Earlier this month, our Rescue Team saved 77 dogs and puppies during a rescue mission to the Midwest, where there is currently an overpopulation problem and no place for these sweet dogs to go.  With the help of a few of the wives and girlfriends of the New York Islanders, who came down to our campus to assist with the rescue, these new Animal League America Mutt-i-grees were carefully unloaded off of the climate-controlled Mobile Rescue Unit and placed in the welcoming hands of our staff and volunteers. All of the animals, which were mostly smaller breeds, were immediately examined by the medical team inside our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center, bathed by our groomers, and eventually placed up for adoption after being medically and behaviorally cleared.

“We wanted to come out today to give back to our community, and what better way than by helping out with a rescue at North Shore Animal League America?” said Brittney Greiss, wife of Islanders goaltender Thomas Greiss. After helping out with the rescue, the goalie’s wife made an unexpected save of her own; she adopted a handsome, black Shepherd mix, who she met while touring the Adoption Center. Brittney said her new-found love, who her and husband named Wolfie, will be a great new addition to their family, which already consists of two other furry friends.

“These animals need homes. When you adopt, not only do you save one life, but you open a cage for another animal who needs rescuing,” she said.

Animal League America would like to thank Stephanie Sabourin (Travis Hamonic), Britt Greiss (Thomas Greiss), Megan Bailey (Josh Bailey), Cassie Clutterbuck (Cal Clutterbuck) Brittany DaSilva (Calvin de Haan), and Moa Nielsen (Frans Nielsen) for helping to raise awareness for shelter pets everywhere by supporting our no-kill mission!

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