Cross-Country Rescue Mission Saves Puppy Mill Dogs

///Cross-Country Rescue Mission Saves Puppy Mill Dogs

Forty resilient dogs and puppies — representing a wide array of small breeds — arrived to North Shore Animal League America on Sunday, March 27. All are ready for a fresh start. Rescued in collaboration with long-time partner, National Mill Dog Rescue, these endearing animals came from commercial breeding facilities throughout Oklahoma and Missouri, where their lives were at risk.

Tragically, many of these animals were used solely for breeding purposes, and would have been euthanized for being no longer viable. For dogs like sweet senior Shiba Inu, Zenni, years of struggle have taken their toll. “We can tell Zenni’s clearly had a hard 10 years,” Rescue Manager Karla Agostinello said. “She’s missing all her teeth and the top of her ears, so she probably had some dog fights. She’s also had many litters of puppies, but now that all ends. We are going to find her a great home and the affection she deserves!”

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Along with Rescue Team Leader Ted Moriates, Karla headed out to Colorado Springs with our Mobile Unit to bring Zenni — as well as other survivors including adorable Yorkies, Shih Tzus, Poodles, Maltese, and Chihuahuas — back to the safety of our Port Washington, NY campus. All the dogs will be examined by our veterinary team, receive a thorough grooming, and be assessed by the Pet Behavior staff before being made available for adoption.

Your support makes these rescue missions possible. As the dogs and puppies exited our Mobile Unit into the nurturing arms of our volunteers, they welcomed the gentle hugs. Please give today, to help ensure these animals experience the life every dog should have, filled with treats, toys, and tenderness.

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