Helping Recovery Efforts in the Gulf Coast Region

///Helping Recovery Efforts in the Gulf Coast Region

Though Hurricane Ida has come and gone in most people’s memories, the residents of the Gulf Coast region are still struggling. Electricity remains scarce in some areas, and access to gas and basic household goods is limited. Supported by the generosity of our local community, North Shore Animal League America continues to show up for the people and animals of the region.

For the second time, we loaded our Mobile Rescue Unit floor to ceiling with critically needed supplies for a journey south. Included among the delivery, food bank Long Island Cares generously donated 700 pounds of pet food and pet necessities, as well as household items. This trip we headed to Marshall, TX with rescue partner Paws4Life, who is making sure the supplies are distributed to the hardest hit areas. And greeting our Mobile Unit to help unload were members from the nearby Wiley College baseball team, who lent their muscle and hearts to the task.

The impact we are able to have on overcrowded shelters when we bring animals back to our campus and help them open up space is transformative. Our efforts have had a significant impact on the number of animals that are put to death as a means of population control. The Marshall shelter had one of the highest euthanasia rates in the country. Since working with Paws4Life and Animal League America over the past year, they have not euthanized any animals due to lack of space.

Help our Rescue Team continue to answer the call to help get animals out of harm’s way, whenever and wherever they are needed.


Saving lives is why we continue to bring as many precious dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens to our Port Washington, NY campus as possible. On this rescue mission, we returned with 37 canines and 4 felines, who will very soon be ready for their new families. Following their multi-day travel, the pups disembarked our Mobile Unit last Friday eagerly and with tails wagging as they were placed into the hands of our volunteers.

Ted Moriates, Animal League America Rescue Team Leader, spoke with the press as the puppy he held in his arms licked his face nonstop. “My job is so rewarding,” he said. “It does tear at our heartstrings when we have to say good-bye, but these guys are the lucky ones. They will all find a home.” He is absolutely right. Before that happens, however, each animal receives a medical exam, behavioral evaluation and thorough grooming. We look forward to celebrating as each of these adorable dogs and cats find a loving new family, and we continue our tireless work to bring even more animals their new beginning.

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