Hurricane Matthew 2016

///Hurricane Matthew 2016

Animal League America is Prepared to Aid Shelters Hit by Hurricane Matthew

October 11, 2016: Unfortunately, it seems yet another Animal Welfare Emergency is upon us – Hurricane Matthew.

Everyone at North Shore Animal League America would like to extend our sincerest sympathies to all affected. We are deeply saddened to hear about the people who tragically lost their lives, their homes, and in some cases, their beloved pets as a result of this storm’s wrath.

We just returned from the devastating flood zone in Louisiana. Aboard one of our state-of-the-art Mobile Rescue Units, our Emergency Rescue Team made the three-day journey to Louisiana to save the lives of dogs and puppies who were tragically displaced from their human families as a result of this natural disaster.

With the help of our shelter partners in the area, these dogs and puppies are now safe and sound at our New York campus. And now, we’re preparing for a possible next journey to save helpless animals once again.  But, we can’t do it without you.

We’ve been in close contact with our shelter partners in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. As expected, they are in emergency mode and we may have to take action to help them soon.

North Shore Animal League America is no stranger to lifesaving emergency rescue efforts. We take pride in being one of the first on the ground when disaster strikes. Just like we were in 2005 during Hurricane Katrina, in 2012 with Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac. It’s because of your unwavering support of our no-kill mission that we have been so well equipped to assist in such crucial rescue efforts whenever we are called upon.

Now, with Hurricane Matthew, one of the most powerful storms to threaten the Southeast coast in more than a decade, and causing mass destruction in Haiti, Animal League America’s Emergency Rescue Team is fully prepared to do everything in our power to provide shelter, food, medical treatment, and any other essential services to keep animals safe in the affected areas. We are on standby and will deploy at a moment’s notice.

Whether it be in our own backyard, across the country, or around the globe, our no-kill mission to make a difference never ceases, especially during times of dire need. Their lives are depending on us.

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North Shore Animal League America continues to provide relief to those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Our Emergency Rescue Team has been in constant contact with our shelter partners in the affected areas, offering relief in any way we can – from rescuing animals in overcrowded, damaged shelters, to sending supplies so our four-legged friends can be well cared for during this difficult time – we are always on call to lend a helping hand.

Recently, we were made aware that our longtime shelter partners at The Outer Banks SPCA in North Carolina were in need of our help. John Graves, the organization’s Director, said although the area didn’t suffer as much devastation as others, they are still in desperate need of assistance.

“After the storm, the members of our community work to clean up and find ways to help their neighbors, which of course is wonderful, but this type of aftermath continues to hinder adoptions,” said Mr. Graves. “Resources are also a bit strained, especially in regards to flea/tick, litter, food, and other animal care supplies.”

One of Animal League America’s very generous corporate partners, Henry Schein®, has offered to donate many of the items needed by The Outer Banks SPCA and we will be helping to re-stock their food supply with plenty of Purina food for their animals. Our Rescue Department is also in the process of completing an Emergency Rescue transport of 20 kittens and 10-20 dogs from their shelter to our Port Washington, NY Adoption Center. Whether it be in our own backyard, across the country, or around the globe, our no-kill mission to make a difference never ceases, especially during times of dire need.

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