Overcoming Abuse, Daisy’s Spirit Shines On

///Overcoming Abuse, Daisy’s Spirit Shines On

Kicked repeatedly by her owner’s steel-toed boot, Daisy’s bones were left shattered, but not her puppy exuberance. This beautiful, 10-month-old pit bull lived through unspeakable horror as the victim of animal cruelty. We were alerted to her plight by our shelter partner in Louisiana, Paws4Life. Thankfully, her owner was arrested and is facing criminal charges, but Daisy was in need of medical treatment for a compound fracture in her left front leg.

Even after all she went through, Daisy still exhibited the boundless energy of a young dog. The veterinarian treating her in Louisiana, Dr. Michael Thomas, was concerned about keeping her quiet while her bones healed and brought her into his home so he could keep an eye on her. Dr. Thomas described Daisy as a sweet, excitable girl. Her experience seemingly did not dampen her enthusiasm to play!

Daisy arrived earlier this month as part of our first rescue transport of 2021, from Paws4Life and the Bossier City Animal Shelter. Our relationship with Paws4Life began during the severe weather in their area last fall and we continue to work together for the best interests of the many homeless animals in that region.

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Along with Daisy, we were thrilled to meet all of our new arrivals — 39 puppies, 14 dogs, 9 cats. Every animal we bring into our care will receive a medical checkup, and of course a visit to the groomers, so that they can put their best paws forward for their new families.

Our pet behaviorists will be sure that for animals like Daisy, who may have experienced particular hardship, they have the support they need and will be placed in an adoptive environment where they can thrive. As NSALA Rescue Manager Karla Agostinello notes, “The resilience of these animals is incredible. We see on the first day, maybe some won’t make eye contact, but by the second day you see them warm up and by the third day their tails are wagging. It is amazing to witness.”

After being fully evaluated by our veterinary team, Daisy’s leg was found to be healing quite well since she was first treated for her injuries in Louisiana. She was cleared for adoption and was soon happily adopted by an amazing family. Now Daisy will continue to heal in a safe environment where she can be her puppy self and receive the affection she deserves.

We were proud to be here for Daisy, and we are continually inspired by the passion everyone brings to our mission of rescue, nurture, adopt, and educate — from our staff, volunteers, and partner organizations to YOU. Please continue to partner with us as we work together to bring more animals to safety.

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