Mildred Endured Neglect and Is Ready for Love

///Mildred Endured Neglect and Is Ready for Love

To meet Mildred, you must be ready to receive her hugs and kisses. Despite her difficult start to life — struggling with hypothyroidism which was left untreated — this six-year-old pug is incredibly affectionate and welcomes everyone enthusiastically.

Mildred arrived at Animal League America as part of a puppy mill rescue in late March. Tragically, she represents what we often see with dogs who come to us from those situations: animals not provided with the proper care for easily treatable medical issues. Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormone and the most common type of hormone imbalance in dogs. Without medication, reduced levels of thyroid hormone can lead to multiple symptoms including skin abnormalities, skin infections, and hair loss — issues that Mildred exhibits.

“Clearly this was a condition that Mildred had for some time that unfortunately went untreated,” Dr. Marina Tejada, Animal League America Supervising Veterinarian, explained.  “A twice-daily pill of thyroid hormone is really all she will need to return her coat and skin to full health.” Now under our care, Mildred will have six to eight weeks of bloodwork to make sure she is on the right dose, but after that she should only need rechecks a couple times a year. As Dr. Tejada said, “The future is bright for Mildred.”

We change the lives of dogs like Mildred by first giving them the medical care they were deprived, and then finding them the loving homes they deserve. On Saturday, April 16, we will be welcoming another Mobile Unit full of dogs and puppies rescued from commercial breeding facilities. It will be all hands on deck to help these animals in whatever way they require, and they need you, too. Your support is critical to ensuring these dogs have a better future, just like Mildred will.

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