More than 650 Homeless Animals Rescued Thanks to Team Effort with Shelter Partners & Rescue Groups

///More than 650 Homeless Animals Rescued Thanks to Team Effort with Shelter Partners & Rescue Groups

At North Shore Animal League America every life is valuable. As the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization we take pride in providing companion animals, who would otherwise have no other options, with a chance to live out their lives in responsible, loving homes.

This March, with the help of our shelter partners and rescue groups from across the country and around the globe, more than 650 homeless companion animals were rescued from lives of uncertainty, suffering and despair. From Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Upstate New York, and international destinations like St. Thomas, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos, every animal transported to Animal League America’s Port Washington, N.Y. campus is welcomed with open arms.

“Every year, millions of cats and dogs are euthanized in our nation’s shelters because there are more pets than there are responsible homes for them,” said Cindy Szczudlo, Senior Manager of Rescue Services at Animal League America. “Of course it’s important we make our local animals, who need rescuing a priority, but our out-of-state transports are vital because they save the lives hundreds of animals each week from areas of the country that need it most.”

Among the more than 650 animals rescued by Animal League America this month was Elroy, a handsome 1-year-old Dachshund. Upon his initial examination our veterinarians detected the young dog had a diaphragmatic hernia, a condition that results in labored breathing and extreme fatigue due to his abdominal organs being pushed into his chest cavity through a tear in his diaphragm. Because Elroy’s condition is so severe, he will need to undergo a delicate surgery to correct the hernia and hopefully ease his suffering. It’s thanks to our loyal supporters that we are able to help Elroy and other homeless animals just like him receive the immediate, personalized care they need.

“This poor little dog with the saddest eyes wouldn’t have had a chance at a real life, a life a dog truly deserves, if we weren’t there to rescue him and provide him with the care he needed. At the same time, without our supporters we wouldn’t be able to perform any of the work we do,” said Diane Johnson, Vice President of Medical Services at Animal League America. “We all need each other to make a real difference in the lives of our animals.”

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