Team Effort Brings Abandoned Guide Dogs to Safety

///Team Effort Brings Abandoned Guide Dogs to Safety

Imagine this: You’re a dog. Okay, I know it’s not the easiest thing to fathom considering you don’t have four legs and most of us aren’t covered in fur. But, think about what it would be like to trek up and down the heavily forested mountains of Taiwan as a guide dog. Now, imagine the government closes the patrol station because of budget cuts, and you’re left stranded in severely harsh conditions with no food, no water and hardly any shelter.

Sounds terrifying, huh? Now, picture yourself being so well trained and so committed to assisting hikers up and down the mountain that you continue to do your job even though you are starving, dehydrated and on the brink of death. This wasn’t just a nightmare for two young dogs who were recently transported to North Shore Animal League America; this was their reality every single day and night.

For close to all of their lives, Ali and Kathy, who doctors at the Animal League believe to be three-year old siblings from the same litter, were canine members of a mountain patrol unit in Taiwan. This unit assists hikers through the hundreds of treacherous mountains in the country to try to ensure their safety. The island of Taiwan has the largest number and density of high mountains in the world, so dogs like Ali and Kathy are a valued commodity when patrol stations are operating. When they aren’t, the dogs aren’t useful to the government anymore, so they are simply left behind to fend for themselves. It’s not uncommon for the dogs to continue their daily routine of navigating up and down the mountains because they don’t know anything else in life. It turns into a lonely, sad existence for these dogs, and often ends with death.

Luckily for Ali and Kathy, a caring couple of hikers noticed the dogs were alone and in desperate need of medical assistance. They reached out to Animal Rescue Team Taiwan, a non-profit group founded in 1995 by Joseph Nee, which focuses on rescuing wounded, abused and trapped animals, as well as works to control the population of strays. ARTT rescued them and gave them all the necessary treatment they needed including spayed/neutered and vaccines. The two resilient dogs were eventually nursed back to health, and then boarded onto a plane destined for New York. It would be at the Animal League’s Port Washington campus that the adorable and exceptionally adoptable brother and sister duo would come to be put up for adoption as a pair. If you’re interested in giving this brave brother/sister duo a loving home, please don’t hesitate to contact Animal League Kennel Manager, Rachael Rudman at 516-883-7900, ext. 467 or [email protected] for more details.

“Knowing how much Ali and Kathy went through together since birth, it would be in their best interest to have them find their forever home together,” said Cindy Szczudlo, Manager of Rescue Services at the Animal League. “They survived the mountains of Taiwan together for close to three years of their life, and now we want them to enjoy the rest of their lives together with caring and loving family.”

In order for the Animal League to continue to successfully complete the multiple rescue transport missions we tackle every week, and assist on international rescues such as the one Ali and Kathy were a part of, it requires a group effort. A strong dedication to the cause, a selfless group of animal lovers, and generous donors like yourselves to help provide the Animal League with the tools and funds we need to thrive is vital. If you would like to learn more about becoming one of the generous donors who help to fund the different phases of the Animal League’s Wish List, please contact Jill Burkhardt, VP Major Gifts, (516) 883-7900, ext. 833 or [email protected].

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