It’s Star’s Time to Shine

////It’s Star’s Time to Shine

Happiness for Star, a Terrier mix, is the company of people and playing ball. Whenever she has both, her tail wags nonstop and she has a “happy” smile.

Star, hardly more than a baby herself, arrived on a North Shore Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit from our partner shelter, Hub City Humane Society in Mississippi, with 11 four-week-old puppies. On the trip back to our campus in Port Washington, NY, the Rescue Team watched as Star enjoyed their attention (and sitting on their laps), but never forgot to check on and feed her babies. This sweet family was found abandoned in a field in Alabama and Star had single-handedly managed to care for all 11 babies. It was amazing that they all survived.

Now that Star’s puppies have been adopted, it’s time for her to shine and find a loving home of her own. “One-year-old Star is sweet, smart, and obedient,” said Sean-Patrick Malloy, Operations Manager at Animal League America. “She’ll be a great family dog and companion. She’s young so she’ll need some further training and plenty of exercise.”

Star loves to play with the toys in our dog park, many of which have been generously donated by supporters from our Amazon Wishlist. A lively game of fetch lets Star show what a great companion she would be for any lucky adopter.

Star would do best in a home with older children. Since she’s a “people” dog, she’d prefer to be the only pet. She’s unsure in the company of other dogs, so the best match for her will be a family with dog experience. With some guidance in her home, Star will show everyone just how great a dog she is.

Are you the new beginning for this heroic young mom? If you’re interested in meeting Star, and possibly giving this loveable dog a new start in a loving, responsible home, please contact Shelter Operations Manager, Sean-Patrick Malloy, at 516-373-3467 or e-mail [email protected].

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