Love Lost and Found

At North Shore Animal League America, we are specialists in healing broken hearts and spirits. For ten-year-old black Labrador Kimber and her new adopted family, finding each other made this holiday season especially joyful.

Adopted at Animal League America as a puppy, Kimber had only known life in a loving home. Sadly, her owner passed away, but he had the foresight to include Animal League America in his estate plan, with the provision that Kimber would come to us should anything happen to him. As it turned out, she would not be with us for very long!

Meanwhile Cynthia was grieving the loss of one of her senior dogs and considering adopting a rescue when her daughter saw Kimber’s sweet silver face on our website. As Cynthia recalls, “We initially thought of adopting a younger dog, but we all just fell for Kimber. And when we finally met her in person, we just knew she was the one.”

Animal League America encourages everyone to consider who will care for your pets if something should happen to you. Our Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care Program® is a popular way to ensure the future health and happiness of your pet. By joining the Safe Haven program, when the need arises, we arrange for transportation for your pets to our no-kill adoption center and care for them as long as it takes to find them the right home.

It didn’t take long for Kimber to settle in with her new family and more of her personality emerges every day. Cynthia was happy to report, “Kimber loves to play fetch, but she makes her humans come to her to get the ball to throw again. I have been getting a lot of exercise! She is the most lovable big mush. We are so happy she has joined our family.”

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