////Volunteer Appreciation Month: Bailey & Chelsea Livian

Bailey Livian, Volunteer Since 2013 and
Chelsea Livan, Volunteer Since 2018

A Love for Animals Runs in the Family

Having grown up in a family where pets of many varieties were always present, sisters Bailey and Chelsea fell naturally into volunteer work at North Shore Animal League America. We are so thankful that both our dog and cat Adoption Centers benefit from the passion that Bailey and Chelsea bring to their service on behalf of our animals.

NSALA Volunteers Chelsea & Bailey Livian

Bailey’s introduction to Animal League America came through a volunteer requirement for her school. Given her affection for four-legged friends, Animal League America was an ideal choice, and she was assigned to the canine area. Bailey didn’t realize that she was starting work that she would continue for many years after her requirement was fulfilled.

Bailey is especially moved by the dogs who are rescued from puppy mill situations. “They are so scared at first because they don’t know anything, even about green grass or being outside,” says Bailey. “When they go home, you’re so happy because you know they are getting a better life.” Getting dogs a second chance is something Bailey really loves to facilitate. Bailey learned sometimes the kennel environment affects potential adopters being able to see a dog’s true nature. She remembers one so large, the staff nicknamed him Scooby. “A couple adopters came in looking for a big dog, but they passed over Scooby. He was barking and just miserable about being confined.” said Bailey. “I ended up bringing him out and they couldn’t believe it was the same dog. He went right up to them and put his head in their lap. Well, they took him home and never came back.”

Bailey & Chelsea Livian

Bailey’s younger sister Chelsea loved to accompany their mom when picking up Bailey from her volunteer shifts. They would go early, and Chelsea started spending time with the cats and eventually signed on as an official volunteer. Chelsea also has an affinity for helping adopters find their perfect match. “Spending time with all the cats and learning their personalities helps me find adopters the right addition to their family,” says Chelsea. “Sometimes people think they want a kitten, but a kitten can be more challenging than people realize.” And sometimes things happen organically. As Chelsea recalls, “A potential adopter came in and thought she wanted a kitten, but locked eyes with a black cat and just fell in love. This cat immediately jumped into her arms and snuggled her. It is amazing when you see the pet choose the owner.”

Chelsea Livian

We are so fortunate that these sisters chose Animal League America. We could not fulfill our mission without the commitment of volunteers like Bailey and Chelsea. Their efforts help transform the lives of our animals and their adoptive families. “Bailey and Chelsea are a wonderful tag team! Both display kindness and empathy for Animal League America’s rescue dogs and cats,” says Victoria Gravina, Senior Volunteer Manager. “They are a true pleasure to work with, and go above and beyond to help our rescue pets feel their best.”

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

At North Shore Animal League America, we could not perform all of the hands-on work that we do without the help of our incredible team of dedicated volunteers!

If you’d like to learn more about the Volunteer Program and available opportunities visit animalleague.org/volunteer.

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