Finding Hope in the Face of Cruelty

////Finding Hope in the Face of Cruelty

— Warning: Some images may be heartbreaking. —

A victim of senseless violence, tender-hearted Adrienne survived being shot in the face but has not given up the will to live. With a gentle purr and an outstretched paw, Adrienne is showing us he still has a lot of love to give.

Our shelter partner Rescue Dog and End of Life Sanctuary in Tennessee first alerted us to Adrienne’s plight. The two-year-old cat was initially found outside by a Good Samaritan who saw that he was in distress, and they were able to transport him to a local shelter. Initial x-rays revealed that Adrienne still has pellet shrapnel in his jaw. However, they also observed this resilient, orange tabby had a strong appetite and sought out affection from his handlers.

Animal League America’s no-kill mission does not give up on the injured and abused, and we arranged to have Adrienne transported into our care. Following thorough examinations and radiographs, we have learned more about Adrienne’s condition. “His jaw is fractured very far back,” reported Dr. Mark Verdino, Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff. “Given the injury is more than a month old, intervention is not advised. Adrienne also has nerve damage resulting in a right-sided head tilt, facial droop, dilated pupil and elevated third eyelid. I suspect this is permanent, but should not affect quality of life.”

Despite the hideous cruelty he endured, Adrienne’s light is shining. In our safe hands, he has been eating well, with a happy, playful disposition. From now on, Adrienne will only know kindness, and very soon will have a loving home to call his own. Your support helped give Adrienne a second chance. Please continue to partner with us so we can provide hope to even more homeless dogs, cat, puppies, and kittens in need.

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