Love, Loss, and New Life

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Freya arrived at our Pet Health Centers enormously pregnant, and just in time. Transported to us with the help of our Tennessee-based animal rescue partner Rescue Dog and End of Life Sanctuary, this two-year-old Cattle Dog was about to face a fight for survival.

After Freya entered labor and wasn’t progressing, an ultrasound showed that some of her puppies were positioned in a way that could create complications for delivery. Our PHC team acted quickly to perform a C-section. Had she been left in a municipal shelter without access to emergency medical care, it could have cost the life of Freya and all of her babies.

The delivery required many hands on deck, as there needs to be one person available for each newborn in order to suction out the amniotic fluid and get them breathing. Thankfully plenty of staff were available because while eight pups were expected, ten arrived!

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This new family was immediately placed under watchful supervision. “We have assigned staff in the Nursery who are there all day long,” explained Dr. Mark Verdino, Chief of Veterinary Staff. “We have nursing staff overnight as well, rotating through those wards. So the animals are being looked at all day and throughout the night.” Despite this round-the-clock monitoring however, four of the puppies sadly passed after only a few days. Concerned there could be an underlying condition that would place the remaining puppies in danger, our medical team conducted a myriad of tests. So far, it appears that Freya and her remaining puppies are healthy and have a good chance for survival.

We will continue to accompany Freya every step of the way along her recovery, and also assist if any of the puppies require supplemental feeding. The loving hands and expertise of our Pet Health Centers team are ready as always to supply medical support in addition to ample cuddles and nurturing.

You can make a gift and become a sponsor of our Nursery. Donor-support powers our no-kill mission and enables us to deliver our transformative care whenever it is needed. Resilient Freya and her puppies are touching the hearts of us all. We look forward to helping them grow strong and find their new beginnings with loving families of their very own.

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