Donor Spotlight: Clare Kaberle

////Donor Spotlight: Clare Kaberle

Providing Steadfast Support to Our No-Kill Mission

Animal League America is incredibly fortunate to have dedicated supporters who are passionate about animals, and who are drawn to us because of our no-kill mission. Clare Kaberle has been a friend to animals for many years, and recently shared with us the motivation behind her commitment. “I believe it’s our duty to help because they can’t help themselves,” Clare said. “I wish everyone felt that way. Animals bring so much joy to us, how can you not want to do whatever you can to save them?”

Clare Kaberle

Clare grew up with dogs in her home, and had a beloved Pug when she was a child. Since then, she made sure to always have a small breed dog as part of her family, both during her marriage and as invaluable emotional support after her husband died. Currently it is Cinnamon, an adorable Maltipoo, who captures all of her attention.

“Cinnamon is my little spice girl!” Clare told us. “My life just revolves around her. If I’m in a bad mood she knows how to comfort me. She really does provide unconditional love.” In addition to including Animal League America in her estate plan, Clare feels particularly gratified from her support of our Pet Sponsorship Program. “I actually keep pictures of the dogs I sponsor in my house,” Clare told us. “It’s great that the burden of medical care doesn’t have to be on one person. God bless those Sponsor families. They are truly wonderful.”

At the top of Clare’s list when deciding to partner with Animal League America, however, is our no-kill mission. “It just breaks my heart to think that if an animal has difficulty finding a home, the result will be euthanasia,” Clare said. “I know at Animal League America, I can trust that all the homeless pets there are loved and well cared for, and that my donation is always used responsibly.”

As a member of the Pet Protectors Society®, Clare’s legacy gift also helps to secure our future as a world leader in animal rescue. It is the support of donors like Clare that keeps our no-kill mission going strong, and we are tremendously grateful for the confidence that our donor family has in us.

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